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Knowing that God see's the best in you

Updated on July 23, 2010

be the best you

You are his child. You are loved.

I love it. Its a beautiful morning. And i hope you have chosen to be happy today. Look around you and count your blessings, through your struggles count your blessings, in happy times count your blessings. Go out there and do what you love to do. For some of you, I know the day has to begin with some encouragement and this is for you.

As I was growing up I was not the ordinary child. I was quiet and reserved. I would do my work and do well in school but every time I got my report card the teacher would have a comment that said "Good student, neat, very smart but also very quiet." I was comfortable being alone and being by myself when other kids went out to play but I knew deep down I wanted to be with them, to be like them and to be happy like they were. As I got older, I began questioning myself and questioning God as to why I was so different. Few people understood me and up to date I still believe not so many people understand me the way I would like them to. It got to a point where my biggest fear was being accepted and being loved for who I was. Since I grew up very antisocial, I was also scared of rejection and afraid of getting hurt because I had experienced it on several occasions before. At the beginning of every school semester I would go to my mother and ask her to pray with me so that I would have many friends during my school year. I knew I needed people because I did not want to be all alone any more.

Things did not aways go as I wanted. I used to cry myself too sleep asking God the same questions over and over again. I wanted to be loved just as I was. I wanted to be a friend but I would be scared to try. Because of that, I slowly built a wall around me to avoid getting hurt. I would have mean comments at times and i became okay living in my shell.

As I got older, I still harbored alot of fear in regards to friendship but I began to take time and pray. I would ask God to teach me how to be a friend. I would ask him to forgive me for being a bad friend and above all I would ask him to be there for me even when I felt alone.

I knew God loved me but I still wanted more. I wanted to know people around me loved me just as much but I had got it all wrong. Gods love is greater than any other love. God is my friend and he is a true friend who will always be there for me. I began accepting that as a child of God I am loved. He is the only one who see's the best in me when everyone else see's the worst in me.

As you go about you day,and u are wondering what is wrong with you or why don't people like you, always remember God loves you. Ask him to teach you how to be a friend and even when people dont embrace you the way you would love them to, share the love of Christ. In everything remember that God see's the best in you even when other do not.

Be blessed. Keep the faith and have a wonderful day,filled with love!.


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