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How To Understand Kontzeist ( Confucius) Nine Levels of Heaven: (Corresponding to the Eight Trigrams of Fu Shi)

Updated on April 11, 2013

There is little information in regards to the various levels of heaven in Kontzeist literature. Although there are numerous references to heaven and the Highest Excellence, it is difficult to find documentation concerning the nature of the heavens in any of the Kontzeist Classics.

Kon Tze considered the examination and understanding of the I Ching essential for one determined to succeed on the Path to self-realization. Today, the study of the I Ching is an integral part of Kontzeist studies.

The I Ching is an ancient system that reveals the laws that regulate all phenomena. Its origin can be traced back in antiquity to the first emperor of China, Emperor Fu Shi. Fu Shi is credited with the compilation of the Eight Trigrams, or as it is more commonly known in China, the ‘Ba Gua.’

By all historic accounts Emperor Fu Shi sat gazing out towards the Yellow River when suddenly a spiritual horse appeared. Upon the back of the horse was a diagram composed of a combination of white and black dots. Fu Shi intuitively grasped the meaning of the dots and formulated his conception of the nature of the universe!

In order to illustrate the Ba Gua, Fu Shi devised a system in which solid and broken lines represent the positive and negative powers of the universe. A solid line depicts ‘yang’ or positive energy and a broken line represents ‘yin’ or negative energy. Through the interplay of yin and yang energies, all the phenomena of the universe can be explained.

Later, in the Chou Dynasty, King Wen provided a written explanation of the hexagrams and lines. According to the I Ching, the Ba Gua is separated into three major sections: The Ba Gua of Wu Chi Heaven or Ultimate Non-Being, the Ba Gua of Tai-Chi Heavens or Ultimate Being and the Ba Gua of Huang Chi Heaven or Physical Beings. Within each Ba Gua Heaven there are nine heavens, each of which are arranged into four levels for a total of twenty-seven heavens and one hundred and eight divisions.

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