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Kosher Meat of God's Word

Updated on October 1, 2015

Meat of God's Word

The meat of God's word pertains to sound doctrine and things necessary to purify us as it is written in Titus 2 as well as many other passages in both old and new testaments. The kosher meat of His word that I'm referring to is the meat that we consume and what makes it clean or unclean. Remember "Every word of God is true” and this truly is an important part of the meat of His word.

God Says

We know that God has declared that all things are made clean including we as Gentiles, as it is written in Acts 10: 9 -16 where Peter is given a vision of a sheet as it were being let down from heaven wherein are all manner of creatures, but we are also told in Acts 15: 20 – 29 and again in Acts 21: 25 that we are to abstain from blood among other things, they even wrote letters, these are also said to be of those “necessary things” for us to keep ourselves from as is written in 15: 28 of the same passages. This is a crucial portion of God's word that is being overlooked, or possibly ignored, so as to cause compromise in our walk with the Lord. All through the old testament it was taught also that all that follow the Lord's way must not eat blood as is told in Leviticus 17: 12,13 and 14 because “the life of all flesh is the blood”. Also spoken of in Deuteronomy 12: 16 & 23 as well as 15: 23. In 1Samuel 14: 32-34 it even tells how the soldiers of Saul, after a great battle and victory did kill and eat with the blood and had to be stopped and reprimanded for it, and then they had to bring it before Saul. This is not something the Apostles dreamed up, it has been a statute since the beginning. Don't miss out on any of God's blessings, which is exactly what is happening right now if your not taking heed to all of his word.

Clean or "Kosher" Meat

There are only three ways that I have found to deal with meat that we consume in our Gentile society to date. The first and surest way is to become a vegetarian, although this is not preferred by most but is the surest way to preserve your health, and is not all that easy as it seems, since we then have to substitute the protein we need in our diet with things such as soy, peanuts and the like. The second is to properly clean all meat that we eat and especially what we buy from the market. The meat we buy is completely saturated with blood for weight, thus for profit. This cleaning process entails the DE-veining when necessary, and then the soaking of all store bought meat to be consumed, for most meat 1 to 2 hours is sufficient, and then it needs to be thouroughly drained. Some of your more dense meat products in larger portions need to be soaked longer depending on the type of meat and the size of it. If you hunt and kill wild game or butcher your own on the other hand, it can be bled out on the spot as is told in Leviticus 17: 13, and this is third and most effective way, to butcher it yourself and then drain the blood immediately as with the wild game, thus if you kill the beast yourself and drain the blood no soaking is at all necessary. finally we should consider with caution eating any store bought poultry, considering that it may have been strangled so as to keep the blood in it. Remember abstaining from blood is the key here and we must do our best for consience sake and our souls sake and most of all for righteousness sake. Once you have cleaned the meat, you can cook it in any manner of your choice. I myself believe that store bought meat may even be contaminated beyond saving and thus destructive to our souls as well as our bodies and worse than outright trash going into our system.

Necessary Things

This truly is One of those necessary things that are essential in our walk with God, and we need desperately to do as Gentiles especially, taking what the Lord's Apostles mandated as necessary, seriously into account as was written in the Book of Acts 15: 28 and in the letters written showing their strong sense of importance, because without doing so we are not fulfilling His Word. Please search this for yourselves, don't take my word alone but search it out as Barean's. Besides when you do this you will definitely notice the difference not only in the taste and texture, but most of all in the spiritual feeling you have after eating it knowing that you are being obedient to the Word. Your flesh itself feels cleaner without the bloated feeling. Please try it, for your own souls sake,"It's Necessary".

Study And Believe, Then Do

Some might say that a subject such as this needs more study or deeper research in the ways of man but we should all know that God's wisdom is far above that of man as is written, and if He says it is so, then believe it. I am but a watchman on the wall given the gift of this truth. What each of those that read this do with it is their own responsibility. I am doing the job given me and can only pray that God will open blind eyes and deaf ears, and give the readers an understanding heart in discerning this truth. Remember this was not only commanded, but also letters were written showing the gravity of it by the chosen Apostles of God. Don't just be a hearer but a doer as well.


Hard Conclusion

After further research and to my dismay and disgust, I found that no meat can be made Kosher once blood has been introduced into it, thus there is no meat in this heathen society, mass processed that is safe or good for consumption. the only meat edible in our society is that which you kill yourself or at least know that it was processed without the blood. Sorry for my shortcomings, I hope this will open some eyes as to what we are being Fed, Literally. Thanks for looking at least.


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