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LDS sister mission prep

Updated on June 30, 2016

Nordstrom Rack



I am going to be in a country that has a lot of rain. I will also be experiencing all four seasons. Shoes will be extremely important. For the rain some missions allow rubber crocks because those are the only shoes that won't mold on you. However, a lot of people who have served in Asia have told me to buy leather shoes.

Brands I would keep in mind are:





Most of these shoes are on the expensive side, but you can find them discounted at Nordstrom Rack. A problem you might face in Japan is they usually don't carry women's shoes that are above a size 8. You are allowed two pairs of teaching shoes, one pair of church shoes and a pair of winter boots and tennis shoes. Before entering a Japanese home you must first take off your shoes. This means that you need to wear sock with all your shoes or have an extra pair in your bag.

Sisters around the world

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I am one of those people who will dance for hours in the rain, but as a sister I want to keep as dry as possible. In places were there is lots of rain you may have the ability to wear a rain suit. I is just your average rain jacket with rain-pants. You can get this anywhere if your going somewhere with multiple seasons get one with a removable lining it helps you stay warm in the cooler rains and cooler in the summer sun-boiled rain.

Many are called but few... are sisters

— Our Facebook group

Bike... and your skirts......

I have been reading a lot of mission blogs and it is very common to hear about a sister who has ripped, tripped and crashed because her skirt got caught in her bike. Yikes! I have had so many different pieces of advice about my skirts. Wear knee-length biker shorts underneath, this is sometimes used for tucking in your skirt, or so when and if it does fly then it is less embarrassing. For the skirts they have to be past your knees and for your safety should be in an A-line cut. I am thinking about bringing clips to bunch up my skirt once I have gotten on the bike.

If you are called to Japan, Learn the Alphabets

Learning the Language

I found that looking up talks in my mission language is really helpful, at first everything sounded the same, but after listening for a while I have begun to separate words in my head, though I don't understand the exposure is really good. I would suggest listening to your favorite conference talk, that way you know the gist of what they are saying. I don't have any experience with my mission language, but if you have studied your mission language before then I am sure this will be of great benefit to you.

A little reminder...

When you are on your mission you will be pushed to your limits. I was told to prepare to be biking and on my feet for 11-12 hours everyday. Not only are their lots of physical demands but there are a lot of spiritual demands as well. When you go on your mission you will need to put all of your trust in your Heavenly Father. When you put on the name tag you are an official representative of the Church and of Jesus Christ. Please do your very best.

If you have anymore questions, please comment below

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    • elayne001 profile image


      2 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Very good tips for sister missionaries. Well done!


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