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Updated on October 8, 2010


Let us seeking for God
AndLove Him with all of our Heart,

With all of our Mind,

And with all of our Strength forever…

"O Holy Spirit ...
Please uses
me as the ...
God's instrument of peace ...”
"And let
my love of God show your Light forever ..."

"I live, but I do not live by myself, but God lives in me."
(Gal 2: 20)


Have you ever felt the great love of God which is burning inside your heart? Did you feel the God’s love immense boundless? As large as the ocean and as huge as the mountain? Do you recognize the Holy Spirit ‘s power impacted you and transformed you totally and powerfully?

If you answer YES then you are the most blessed person in this troubled world. If you answer NO I would like to invite you come along with me on a journey to find the truth of your life, seeking the ultimate goal of every human beings : that is looking for the presence of Jesus Christ in this world and love Him forever… since He is the destination of your life.

Jesus Christ of our time, He is everywhere To HIM; there is no space and time. He is the beginning and the end, He is Alpha and Omega.Go and find HIM which is very easy and also is very difficult ... It is easy; if you open your heart and allow Him to guide you ... It is difficult, if you're in doubt and still live in the darkness of your sins.

We all are sinners, every human being is guilty, more or less . No one is perfect except Mary, Mother of God only. So let us kneel down and pray to God : "  Oh Almighty and Merciful God ... I am a sinner ... I would like to confess to you all of my sins and weaknesses as your child ... Please forgive me and open my eyes ... so I can regconize and feel your Love for me, your present is in here, in this moment, beside me right now, so I can unite with YOU, to love YOU as YOU loved me... I can unite and associate with YOU in every thing, anywhere, any time ... And I shall live, but I do not live by myself, but you live in me…”

Please love through the heart of me
Please forgive
through the soul of me
Please act
through the body of me
Please see through the eyes of me

. And then you'll see the wonderful thing just happened. When God use you as the instrument of God’s work. When God perform his works through your life , and your life opened a new page . You will love, will live, will think, will act under the love and the guidance of the Holy Spirit ....

The selfishness, greed, calculations have disappeared and replaced it with the altruism, tolerance, generosity; you will always want to help others. your old body will get a whole new heart. The energy of a generous heart which is non-selfish, pure, humble began operates in you.

Christ is using your body to perform his work, and also to give you the opportunity to perform work that you have a duty to contribute in the program of God's salvation. Because the Lord is the head, and we are the parts of the same body with God, it is the secret (a mystery) of The Eucharist .

Jesus said that "I am the vine, you are the branches of the vine, those branches did not connect to me that will not bear the fruit. And they will die ... ..."


"You should become good and perfect as you Father in heaven who is perfect and good God" JESUS said

You shall be the witnesses of Jesus where you are living, studying, and working. You live with your virtue, nobility, integrity and good heart in order to when people see you, they realize the light of Christ is presenting in you. God wants you ; you are callend and become witnesses for Him, become the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

You saw the world right now is the world of full of deceit, sins, and evil ... A world is very near on the destruction and is walking in the dark ... So please bring the light of Christ to the others , so together with them, we will become an army of GOD, a powerful army which will defeated the temptations and destructive forces of the devil and all the forces of Satan.


Ultimately Jesus demands us the two key commandments that each of us wants to be saved must implemented, namely:

a) Worship only one God above all things, and love Him with all of your heart, all of your soul, and all of your strength.

b) Love others as yourself.

Jesus Christ was from the heaven and gave up his high throne of the only child of the Almighty God Father and the power of God the Son …and become a human being. He had no sins, no offenses but put on mankind's sins on HIM He died for us, died on the cross for saving us.

By the death, passion, pain on the Cross, Jesus Christ has conquered the death and the sins, to bring us the greatest grace which is the right were reconciled to God, this grace was lost when our ancestor, Adam and Eve got offense which was not obey the demand by God. Jesus loved us so much He used the His body and His blood to redeem us from the evil and sin.

" The greatest love is the love of JESUS CHRIST who DIED for US whom he loved" And Christ died for us, no love is greater than the love of Christ for us, Christ died to redeem us, Christ died due to he wanted to save us.

And you, Have you responded to the love and the mercy of God ?
If not, please kneel down with me and said to the Lord : “ Lord, at this moment I have felt the immense love of God for us, with the death of Jesus Christ He has cleansed us of sin to bring us for returning to God, to give us abundant grace , the grace of becoming the children of God again….
Please let
ourhardendheart feel the sorry in response to God's love , we will love God with all of our hearts and will love forever. "

                                     Joseph T


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    • profile image

      EyesOfFaith 7 years ago

      Joseph, your Hub made me in loving Jesus more and more as I can...His love for us is huge and immense...No words can describe God's love

    • profile image

      Joseph T 7 years ago

      Thank you Dave for your beautiful comment. I know you did a lots of work with your best effort and commitment in your Hub in order to spreading The Good News for God. I only try to follow you as best as I can.

      Thanks Brother Dave and your family

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Joseph T.: This is a remarkable Hub. I love the prayers throughout. I'm not so certain the Jesus when He became flesh and dwelt amongst us gave up any part of His Godliness, He was still the "Son of God" and was acknowledge as such at both his baptism as well as when He stood with Moses and Abraham high upon the mountain with his apostles looking on and Peter wanted to set up three tents.

      Brother Dave.