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LGBT Lokeans Need Love Too

Updated on March 23, 2016
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

We need love between our own community members and with everyone else too!
We need love between our own community members and with everyone else too!

Oh, dear. If you are reading this you encountered your first homophobic Lokean and are wondering what happened to all the rainbows and glitter and sparkles being a Lokean seemed to imply, right? Not that we don't love our straight brothers and sisters, but they can be a real drag when they get on us for loving drag. Or glitter, or hiking boots, or however our rainbow colored flag flies. Well, guess what? They don't write the rules, Loki does. And He has as of yet to hand me any rulebook or tell me no so I'm here to help. And those mean jerks? They are so not His fault.

I've had my share of horrifying encounters. From straight Lokeans who seem to think Loki and all gay people are cute and adorable when in drag and put on this earth for their entertainment, to straight up homophobics who wish we'd crawl back in the closet, never mind they surfed into a gay underground website.

Honey if you can't take the heat, stay out of the Great Rite, you feel me, right? And while this article won't be on the Great Rite, sorry, it will be on making things better after someone has shaken your faith in your relationship with Loki. Because in my personal experience He is one awesome God to be with, and I wouldn't want anyone missing out on Him regardless of sexuality, gender, or lack thereof.

Straight readers are more than welcome to join us, just keep your comments respectful because, honey, we were born this way. This article is meant to soothe and support all genders, transgenders and everyone else too, so play nice in the comments section please. Disrespectful or rude comments about anyone's sexuality will not be tolerated so bigots of any type can just sashay away.

To keep things simpler to read I will often refer to Loki as He or She as the case warrants. But They is also valid and He/She/They may also pop up. No assumptions of Their Divine gender is meant to be implied. Nor is any disrespect or ignorance meant to be shown towards you, dear reader, or who you are inside. If you think I'm not representing your part of the community correctly or leaving you out it is not my intent to do so, please let me know and changes will be made forthwith.

First, let's relax with a song.

Loki Gets No Grace, Poor Loki!

Mean Lokeans Suck

What new LGBT Lokeans really need to learn is the truth. Yes, there are wonderful gay articles with and without adult content by Lokeans. And if a gay adult willingly chooses sex magic as a devotional path that is honestly, and frankly, between them and Loki. There is nothing wrong with it, in fact it can be a wonderful bonding experience between devotee and God/dess. But if it isn't your cup of tea, as my aunt says, that is OK too, just remember your manners. OK?

We can't all be fabulous with certain magical paths, but we can all respect that they exist. And we should frankly, be excited that they do. Maybe it's from being pan myself, but I'm perfectly cool with straight articles on the same topic. I'm just not cool with any writer who starts talking about the One True Way. Because there isn't one.

You will also encounter racists with dreams of restoring the Fatherland to its glory, you will meet clannish types who hate outsiders. You will meet all sorts of people, there are even highly homophobic Lokeans who hate crossdressers which makes me wonder if they bothered to read the Poetic Eddas, but there you have it.

And if you haven't, Loki can really rock a dress, He makes a great mare who raises Her own foal and She nurses babies as a Goddess. And as a genderfluid person myself, I strongly feel that if you are genderfluid then He/She/They feels you, trust me, They do.

And I base saying that on a lot of gender confusion in my own life that Loki has always had empathy for, He does. Think about it. A male figure from what we know about Him siring children in his first marriage to Glut, went fully female on at least two occasions, with the intent and need to be female, taking it as far as to get pregnant and have children. She didn't have to now did She? Some part of Her mystery we don't know made that transition and pregnancies vital.

Maybe Loki did go through the difficult and frightening part of finding out he was genderfluid Deity, at least part of Him/Her/They was. Imagine how frightening to be the first. To be a God who also wanted and needed to become a Goddess. Maybe part of Her always felt incomplete as a solely male Divinity and needed and yearned to be female. Maybe They don't even feel particularly male or female. You can always ask Them, you know.

You should never feel obliged to worship Loki because He can shift genders, but it does give Him an understanding even some gay writers gloss over. Why go through pregnancy, why stay a woman eight long years? And, of course, why change back? At the very least here is a God/dess that can relate to the process if not your personal reasons as one transsexual Lokean put it.

And yes, He has also sired children so He feels gay men (and straight men) who have fathered children and being Loki He feels women and those of no defined gender at all. He's Loki, He can also feel, in no particular order, flies, fleas, seals and salmon along with hawks and goodness knows what else. The sacred reasons for the shapeshifting are lost, but I'd wager each form had its own lessons and reason for being further than the Poetic Eddas take us.

Your only task, should the mean people not manage to totally confound and confuse you, is to honor Loki in the way you choose best. Your relationship is up to you, not some blogger with an ax to grind who uses your shared experiences as a weapon against you. Loki is quite capable of telling you what type of relationship He wants and that is all you have to worry about.

Those who have a problem with you may always be there, but the trick is to not listen to them. I know, it hurts to be told They doesn't interact with people. It hurts to be told you can't possibly be Her child, or a nephew, or a best buddy, or a spouse or lover. But these people are like childish bullies who can't build sand castles so they have to knock over yours.

I am pansexual and genderfluid. Loki has yet to have a problem with it and in fact They seems happy. But that doesn't mean if you aren't there is a problem. Honoring Loki is not a contest to see who Loki loves best. As far as my experiences go He does not honor one sexuality or gender more than any other. He doesn't seem to care about race, color or creed either.

And I know that's hard to believe when someone just tore up a shared experience right before your eyes, but it is true. If Loki didn't love you for being you She wouldn't be with you. It doesn't matter if you are straight, gay or asexual. Trans, male, female or any other gender. It doesn't matter if you're the nicest person in the world, or a rotten grouch only Loki seems to enjoy being with.

What matters is that you love Him and He loves you. Loki, no, they do not need to hear the Barney friendship song. Sorry, He's helping. But I found you something else. Yeah, the same song is attributed to Pan.

Got pink?

I associate pink, tea cups and more with the openly gay path of Loki that I work with.
I associate pink, tea cups and more with the openly gay path of Loki that I work with.

Loki Is Proud of You For Being You

Yes, you. Horrible true story from my past time. Once upon a time a genderfluid, pansexual person was in the closet online. S/he made a straight friend who she told about this and in the end, since the "gay-loving" straight friend also supported people who told gay people they were going to burn in hell, the straight "friend" outed the pansexual online.

Ever after I haven't had much choice, but for a long time it wasn't a huge part of what makes me, me. Yes, sometimes I can go crazy and find gay pride parade videos to post to FB because some homophobe just said something nasty to me, but by and large I am not a rainbow covered sparkly parade all on my own. Well, some days I am, there actually are no labels for what I am, but that's another topic entirely.

I did do a discrete pin here or these, so people most likely know I'm pan, but the culture of the LGBT community was never that big to me until I found so many anti-gay article written by Lokeans. The someone turned a pin into a derogatory comment on the gay community and the very idea of Loki having a gay or crossdressing path. And all of a sudden I got angry. And I realized that in His own way, Loki was asking what I was going to do about it.

Was I going to let it drive me away when that is obviously what the person wanted, or was I going to stand up as a pansexual woman (well, genderfluid being) and say, yeah, I am what I am and I'm proud of it, and you aren't going to shame me or make fun of me because you aren't built the same way.

So I know Loki is proud of you for being you. How you dress, how you handle your sexuality doesn't matter. Flamboyantly gay or in the closet. I happen to be mistaken for a lesbian half the time so I think that tells you two things. One, I dress like I choose to, and two, everyone thinks lesbians wear practical clothing. And yes, my lesbian sisters, I get annoyed on your behalf. The hiking boots and Degree are practical matters and I happen to like jeans and comfy tops.

I also have my sparkly princess days where I actually feel more like a gay man than a straight woman enjoying girly things, and Loki enjoys those too. And He will certainly enjoy the fashions you choose to rock with you regardless of gender.

Got Genderfluid?

I associate bearded irises, particularly purple ones with the male part of my identity. That part is pan as well, but some days, he, or I, is decidedly gay. I've also seen them associated with Loki.
I associate bearded irises, particularly purple ones with the male part of my identity. That part is pan as well, but some days, he, or I, is decidedly gay. I've also seen them associated with Loki.

Out Gods Are Not Homophobic

Seriously, they aren't. And we've all seen it. Someone drags out the story about Thor getting His hammer back and "proves" Thor hates crossdressers and the unmanly, aka, gay men. No, He does not. At the time, as now in some cultures, the clothes literally made the man or woman. Gender you were born with aside, everyday wear was designed to enhance your sexuality and empower you.

Now you are taking a fertility God who already lost His masculine symbol, and putting Him in garments oozing with magical womanly potential, of course He would fuss, if He were following the social mores. The Thor I know and love, especially if drunk, would not be beyond such trickery or mind a whit. He'd likely giggle and have great fun with it. He's comfortable with who He is. So what does it have to do with Loki? When Loki isn't getting blamed for the idea He is seen not fussing about His own dress.

Which, we can infer that He at least doesn't mind crossdressing. Do it mean He is the sacred aspect of the God that will also dress as the female aspect? Does He embrace His inner Goddess? Or does He just look fabulous in a dress? We will all come to different conclusions, but you have to agree, this is hardly anti-gay behaviour.

The truth is we've lost the stories of the pagans who would have mattered most, the LGBT community of back then. How did they view Loki? We just don't know. We can assume they would have been as uncomfortable as we are if retellings of the tales turned nasty.

We don't know for certain if they practiced magic of the opposite gender, but from the Lokasenna (Loki's flyting, wrangling) it seems to be a possibility that men (and presumably other genders) practiced other magics. And from what we know notions of male and female roles were based more on power, not on birth gender. At one point in the Lokasenna, for example, Loki and Odin exchange barbs about being the female or receptive partner in magical rites.

And as for the religious leaders we just don't know. There's usually a vast difference between the official rules of a religion and how even the leaders of that religion live. There must have been gay leaders from time to time, the first gay people didn't fall from the skies in the disco eta, after all.

Yes, it would be comforting to have old tales like we have with the Greek Gods and Goddesses, we know gay and lesbian interactions were Divinity-tested and approved back then. So we have to look to one another, and honey, Loki has no problems showing up in the gay community.

To put a finer point on it They, along with others taught me to shift genders on the astral realm completely so I'd be able to explore being a gay male, a straight male and every other flavor of the rainbow and gender out there. The only difference to me between that and shifting in real life is that I have the option to change back, but honestly? If I woke up a dude tomorrow you'd get no complaints from me.

Something to cheer you up:

In Closing

Love is love and that is what it all comes down to. How you choose to be with Loki and honor Him, Her or Them as a member of the gay community is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong way to do things, no one way to have a relationship. Do what works for you, and Him.

I know, maybe that is a big, scary thing. He's been pushing me gently to become more vocal about being pansexual and to put out more gay and LGBT an asexual positive content in articles and on my boards and with my art. And She's right, I should. So my way of honoring Him is by being open about my sexuality and be open about the fact that yes, we are married. And yes, it's work like any other marriage.

My Loki isn't straight by a long shot. A wonderful Lokean blogger once identified his sexuality as Pinkie Pie bouncing along wearing silly glasses, a party hat and blowing on a noisemaker. And there's nothing wrong with that. Maybe your Loki is an out and proud Ace, maybe He is gay, straight or bi. Male, female, genderqueer, it doesn't matter.

And how you define your relationship doesn't matter. Spouses or lovers are no more special than children or friends, and anyone who has worked for twenty seconds with Him knows that. And Loki chooses His own ways of communicating with each of us. A song, a dream, a movie, a book. Something just catches your attention and you know it's Him.

Each of us would describe a different appearance, a different style of clothing, a different race or nationality. And yes, He loves us all, equally, there is no way to become His favorite or win the spot of teacher's pet. Instead of excluding one another by saying our gay experience can never be understood by other members of the community, let alone straight people. we should work together to spread the truth about Loki. That He's a wonderful and loving God/dess, who while He will certainly challenge us to learn and grow, accepts us and loves us for who we are.

The Rainbow Horsies

Sorry, but They are knocking me over to include the rainbow maned horsey, the rainbow colors of the horses, and the male and female imagery of Their altar. This is also where His gay path has tea and coffee with me.
Sorry, but They are knocking me over to include the rainbow maned horsey, the rainbow colors of the horses, and the male and female imagery of Their altar. This is also where His gay path has tea and coffee with me.

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