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Updated on August 2, 2009


LET me just begin with a verse from the Bible " for god so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have eternal life" JOHN 3:16

Yes thats very true and off course our God loves us a lot anyone else in tis entire world.He loved us that much that he sent his one and only son to suffer all the pains just to cleanse away our sins. He was whipped, beaten, insulted, what not. He was crucified on the cross with his hands and legs nailed just for you and me so that you and me can be purified. In return he accept nothing but our loyality and sincerity by obeying his words.

Christ our Saviour never went against the will of his father instead he faced every persecutions boldly just to cleanse us of all our sins. Even after such a big example for mankind was set up we christians still lag behind in faith and often deviate from our path. I dont mean being christian means geting nailed on a cross or get whiped or lashed to prove you are the ultimate christians. Its nothing much like that but just walk the Way of God and last but not the least have Faith.

We pass comments, plot against others, say harsh words at each other, steal, commit adultery, envy others, pass coments and what not our list of sins are endless. This is not a christian life. Off course no man is perfect even am not we all have flaws its the satan that leads us into temptations with his atractive baits and we are easily lured into it an it leads us to our doom. Its just like a fish biting the worm used as bait, athough it looks so juicy and wonderful in the begining but later when it bites it, it has no escape. But dont worry because our god is a merciful lord who is ready to forgive our each and every sins.

We have to go a long way to walk gods path and offcourse thats not smple but perilious enough. To avoid all the temptations that really attracts us and please us is really a diffcult task


We have to go a long way to walk Gods path and offcourse thats not smple but perilious enough. I think getting whipped is 100 times easier than walking the way of God. Its just because we humans are so weak that we are easily tempted by all the wordly pleasures that we easily go against our Lord God's will. But in the end one who walks up al the step of God's word inherits his kingdom and and no land or no place or no pleasure or joy is ever greater than that.

So all my fellow brothers and sister now is the time to know our God and know his will. Dont turn your back when he comes to accept you. In all our rush we just forget him and get busy for our regular routine. We have to decide what we are to choose. (Luke 10:38-42)

For all my Friends in CHRIST

( Well what I have written above is nothing but my experience and feelings for God. My goal is not to brainwash others but just to make remember everyone of our merciful God. Today we all are moving away from God and i just wish to do whatever i can do from my part. Am just a student not that pure enough to lecture anyone but just want to get closer to God and to know him more if at all its through expressing my thoughts to other, I' ll be most happy. May God be with us)

Do you believe in GOD?

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