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Updated on May 23, 2009

Walking on Water

One morning out of the window of our car I saw fishing huts scatterred on the south side of the lake illuminated by the the full brightness of the sun planted on the hardened thickened ice.  An announcement from the Ministry of Environment express concern about the danger of uneven thickened ice that could pose danger to peoples' lives. How many people have been rescued when they fell underwater of melted ice?

I wonder why people don't take these warnings seriously resulting to their loss of property mostly ski-doos. But the most disturbing incident was the sinking of a rescue boat costing thousands of dollars while searching for two men driving on the lake riding on their ski-doos.

Residents playing a game of hockey on the ice off Kempenfelt Bay, the city mayor is discouraging the practice to stay-on the ice following an incident Sunday where three youngsters had to be rescued after they fell through the ice.

The mayor said unusual weather conditions have produced weak spots and doesn't want people to endanger their lives or the lives of rescuers.

It's good that those fishing huts has never been heard off of any sinking or untoward happening while they are on operation for many years.

Try to walk far to the lake and remember the spot where you stand at the middle of the lake.  Come summer imagine yourself doing what Lord Jesus did when walking on water. Do you think  this is how it should be written in the Holy Book?  I would think so and that's that how it could have happened. Walking on water happened in winter.

Rescueing, saving someone on wintertime leading the victim to safety leads me to believe the presence of the High Power to guide the firefighters when they carry the victim to  shore, handing the victim to the waiting ambulance and bring him/her to the hospital.  These team of rescuers are like host of angels to help and comfort the victim's family as well   To be convince people pray whenever things like these happens.


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