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Updated on August 18, 2009

30 years plus of UFO Coverups

 I watched Prime time Live this evening, the segment titled the "Outsiders". I especially enjoyed the ramblings of Susan Clancy, author of her book, How People come to believe they were kidnapped by Aliens.

Ms. Clancy has done extensive research, interviewing people that were asleep when they claim they were abducted. I wonder why, Ms. Clancy did not interview, not one person that has been abducted while they were awake!

The man Steve Romanek , interviewed on the same show, is not making up his experiences. What I believe has happened to him, is that he is experiencing a multitude of paranormal occurrences at once.


Let me be clear, I did not attend Harvard like Ms. Clancy. Steve Romanek, did see a flying UFO. At that time they also saw him. The reason he is being followed by them, is because now he is a target, for watching their activities. The alien that he saw, and the images on his camera are correct, and belong to one of the Alien life forms.

The items that are disappearing in his home, then the items appear again, is caused by Poltergeists. Poltergeists are not Alien's but spirits. I do not know if Mr. Romanek moved to a different house, but something has disturbed the Poltergeists.

The markings on Mr. Romanek's body, are real and are caused  when he is asleep. It is not caused by Alien encounters. Every person, when they enter into Rem # 5 sleep, the deepest sleep has the ability for astral projection. To claify, your spirit leaves your body, see's things, talks to people, and then your spirit returns to your body, before you awaken. Dreams are what you really experienced while out of your body, and in the spirit. The marks on the body are caused by whatever you were doing, in the spirit form.

The many factors all at once in Mr. Romanek's life are confusing to him. They need to be seperated. Alien's do not take people out of a sleep state. The alien's take people that are watching them, and do not think that they can be seen, watching them.

Did you ever experience a feeling that what you are doing, or what you are seeing has happened before? It is a spooky feeling caused by your previous astral projection.

In our society, as advanced as it appears to be, or not, Phychics are laughed at even though their predictions are correct. This society is afraid of the unknown, the unexplainable and the supernatural.


I would be curious to find out how many people have seen a UFO, or have been abducted while they were fully awake. I do not find it amusing that people have been taken against their will, used as experiments and their lives are affected by the strange and abnormal events.

It is a tramatic experience, while you are awake in the midst of performing your daily activities, and you are confronted with a encounter that takes over your entire body and mind with fear.

If you have been abducted, while fully awake please email me at, I would like to present these encounters to Ms. Clancy, to show her she is wrong.

I have grown tired of people laughing about the encounters, making stupid movies and their statements that we are dreaming the events.




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