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Through the Eyes of Love ~ His Eyes of Love

Updated on February 8, 2022
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Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

He is there

The fruit of the Spirit tends to us in the quiet places; there in the stillness, we contemplate the possibilities with God's strength. The attention to His whisper allows one to see through the eyes of love. Envelop oneself in His teaching, and you may develop this vision, yet lack of discipline causes stagnant movement.

During those early morning hours, when the house is the quiet and somber mood of sleep extends, we awaken to a new day. In this solitude, we should take a moment to reflect on the happy memories or challenges overcome from earlier days before the clock will chime once again at the midnight hour, presenting newness. Soon people will hustle to their assigned spot in the morning rush, and it begins again.

Humbled by this vision of memories past, the fact remains that this moment may not have been possible without His undeniable grace. We can focus on the many trails we have or will experience in this time. But why allow a futile digression unless seeing transitions through His eyes of love and the wish to move us forward? What makes things even more surreal is that this vision allows an appreciation to enjoy this quiet, reflective peace even in our chaos. We experience trials and bumps along the way if tiny, and we may not notice them. Others are significant, and they jostle us around before we get our bearings. Then the quiet returns us to a sense of normalcy. God meets our hearts. He does not involve anyone else in this quiet, and we are complete, as seen through His eyes of love.

A bump or Two

When we come upon a bump, we go to a place of avoidance. Is there a way around it? Can I skip ahead? Nope, you get over it and keep going!

Sometimes I pray, dear Lord, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!” Sorry, but the truth is I’m human, and in my weakness, I get overwhelmed. I go through the tough stuff and need to progress to safety or resolution, for whatever is on my path. I must admit there may even be a hint of anxiety present in the early stage of my maneuvering. That doesn’t last if I close the world noise and go to my Jesus, seeking the comfort of His grip. I can handle the clanging in my head when I focus on Him, allowing my surrender to His lead.

I know no greater comfort than that of our Lord, reminding us we are never alone. We realize everything is okay in these moments, as His peace is so much more than our bumps. I’m in awe of a place where storms do not rage and love is abounding. A place where peace is your constant companion, and your amusement is the glorification of Christ Himself. In this paradise, no little fears will creep in, any personal disappointments, only the knowledge that God loves, and He is our constant protector.

I can see “Through The Eyes Of Love” many times I had seen my Father in these ways, When you gave me a soul mate that said, “will you marry me,” when the doctor said, “you have a healthy sweet girl and years later an adorable boy.” Every time you showed me in my times of holding my breath and shedding a tear, you were what I needed. I learned from this complete and pure thought that you are everything. Then I remember your Grace is enough, and your love is constant.

And I breathe easy because, through the eyes of love, I recognize you in my husband’s smile, in a friend’s gesture, in young people growing up before your eyes. One bump, two bumps, three bumps, four, and though more bumps are nothing with love.

Yes, we will have bumps on the road; going through them with the miracle of faith, you will grow abundantly.

Through His eyes of love

The heart becomes lighter amid a storm; there is joy abounding with faith in His promises. Everything takes on a new meaning. The satisfaction of knowing He is all we need as we live for Him.

For a moment, the peace in the storm takes all fear of future thought away, and no natural feeling can touch you. At this moment, you are in the presence of God right there with you, holding you. You close your eyes and breathe, and you see HIM, you Feel HIM!

There is a beautiful song lyric: The song titled ~ Through the Eyes of Love ~ goes like this.

“Please don’t let this feeling end, it might not come again, and I want to remember….”

The song is from the movie Ice Castles, wherein a young prodigy skater lives a high life. She has swept into the hype of media attention. She, in many ways, leaves behind those she loves, giving them up for fame and excitement. She starts believing she is invincible. Then one night, she takes one risk too many as she attempts a trick in an outside courtyard. She catches herself in the moment, her coach has warned her she ’isn’t ready, but she sneaks away during the after-party, puts on her skates, and pushes off. Her coach is looking on from the hotel window as she takes off into the air and goes for the risky triple axel. She collapses into some metal furniture, hitting her head with a brutal force, and she is left blind, except for a few shadows. Her whole world resorts to a shamble as she deals with her new disability.

The young woman returns home to those she had left behind. The very loved ones she had turned her back on while in her glory. They are disappointed by her, but they love her just as they find her. They adore her into new wellness; they help her to see again through the eyes of love. She no longer needs to rely on her vision because the love she receives is higher than anything she had before. She returns to the ice, and she skates a flawless program using the newfound confidence and respect in her heart to see where she is going.

Ice Castles Theme

Be A Champion

Is it like that with God? We often turn our back on Him, yet He is just waiting to love us, right where we are. He helps us see through His eyes when we are ready to perform with Him as our coach. He will guide us and let us finish with Him; He will be right there in our winners' circle, clearing away any bumps that come along the way. He wants us to be champions, the champions He created each of us to be for Him.

God Bless You In the Days ahead, and I hope you See HIM through His eyes of LOVE.

Through His eyes of love and sacrifice

His Eyes
His Eyes

© 2011 Kathy Henderson


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