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Lack of Love Manifests as Disease

Updated on June 6, 2015

Non-attachment and Love

Lack of Love Manifests as Disease

You are all beloved to me as much as my humanity and ego will allow. From a distance I may want retribution for wrongs past, but when I meet you face to face there is nothing but love and I cannot phantom carrying it out.

There are several things that always breed hostility – politics, money, religion, and personality differences. Just because you are hostile to antagonizing ideas and people, doesn’t mean that you don’t love them. It’s ok to be antagonized and hostile. It’s not ok to loose your love because of it.

Love lost is a source of grief if you are counting on receiving it. The key to being happy in all conditions is nonattachment like the Buddha taught. When we are not attached to prerequisites to our happiness and joy, then no condition is in the way. Spiritual conditions lead to physical conditions. In other words when we choose to be unloving, then the result is disease and sickness. It’s not ever a matter of right and wrong because that’s a relative condition and doesn’t have any basis in absolute.

The best guide to absolutism is the Oness of All. If it supports this, then it is absolute. The Oness of All is the golden standard by which to comprehend all wisdom and understanding. When we are sick, we often say that we are not whole – whether it is physical sickness, love sickness, or just plain sick and tired. Being whole is the solution. Being whole means identifying yourself as One with All. Think about it mathematically. How can you be whole if you do not identify with Oness of All, because otherwise you are sick - unwhole? You have an incomplete unholy existence that filters down through to the depths of your soul. What starts as a lack of identity with Oneness of All creeps downward into thoughts of separation which means you v.s. them, and that’s the start of death which is why it is sometimes called the consciousness of death. Even the story of the fall of man calls it death. Then you are defending your ego against the separate other because it is different from you, and more than that, it is not you, it’s them…and so starts animosities which lead to atrocities.

We can all say I Am. All creation says it together. Even the bible witnesses to the need for reconciliation with the Allah-that when it says for you were once gone astray, but now you are returned to the bishop and captain of your souls. This is part of the healing brought about by God consciousness. God meaning All that Is, Was, Will be, etc. If you do not love the Oness of All, then you do not love God, for He says how can you love Me when you don’t even love those you can see, touch, and feel.

Healing is seen as loving All, for all are One. Lack of identity with Oness is an epic disease that is easily cured with an attitude adjustment. What manifests in our selves, manifests in our bodies and very cells, as well as our relationships with others. Why be sick when you can choose to simply live by the adage I and you are one not two. It’s as simple as recognizing that to love someone you must see them as part of yourself, because nobody ever hated their own self. We are told to love others as we love ourselves and this is because God is One.

We Must Get this Right

So according to some religions, and the ascended masters – we’re supposed to love and not expect love back in return. We’re also not supposed to want to possess anything in this world.

When I heard about this I was in despair wondering who can achieve ascension, heaven, and paradise. Whatever it is I just couldn’t see how anyone could make it past this standard.

So should I tell the ascended masters to go to Hell because I expect to be loved in return and I want my possessions? Then I thought about how you can’t make someone love you, and it seems I will never have many possessions, or even the things that I would really want; and then I begin to see how much more free I would be if I simply followed their advice. I would be so much more in control of my thoughts, feelings, and life if only I could be free of wanting anything more than what they offer – which is the love of your higher self – God – the spirit world.

There are said to be other benefits too, such as mental and physical health. There is mental health when you aren’t in anguish with separation anxiety over a codependent relationship because you are nonattached. There is physical health when the emotional turmoil doesn’t weaken your immune system and cause cells to malfunction leading to physical sicknesses. According to some, you can heal yourself simply by changing your attitudes of thoughts, feelings, and actions about reciprocity, and possessiveness. If nonattachment, as the Buddhists call it can be this beneficial, then may we all learn to have it.


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