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Lacking In Love?

Updated on May 21, 2012

Linda Cross


Running Low On Love?

Cars need gas,

twitter needs tweets,

but people need love!

We all need someone to put their arms around us

and tell us "Everything is going to be OK!"

Just to let us know that we are loved.

How can we know what love really is?

As I was reading through the book of Zephaniah...

(one of those Minor Prophet books in the Bible that

we don't read very often) and I came across a beautiful

picture of God's love for His people.

We know the Old Testament was written to Israeland

the Lord has a special place for them in His heart.(see

the video I created from my trip there in October 2009)

But, Galatians 3: 29 " tell us if we are Christ, then we are Abraham's

seed, and heirs according to the promise." So, we

can claim those Old Testament promises as Christians.

Plus, we know that the Lord is the same, yesterday, today

and forever, and His love for those who trust in Him is


This is the picture I got from reading these verses in Zephaniah.

It is that of the heart of a loving father to his children.

As I read these verses, I saw a little boy running to his daddy

because he is afraid for his life. He is crying, feeling lost and afraid.

A big bully had been picking on him, calling him names,

telling him that his father didn't love him.

The little boy comes running to his daddy, weeping,

shaking fearfully. Then, the father reaches out his big

arms and says, "Don't be afraid". He hugs his son,

kissing his head and comforting him with his love.

Then, the father picks up the little child and

plays gleefully with him as the father dances

with the son and lifts him up in the air as they both

laugh and rejoice together.

This is the picture I got today of God's love for you

when I read this Scripture.

I pray you will meditate upon it today.

Here it is:

"In that day it shall be said to Jerusalem; (Linda's note: put your name here)

'Do not fear:

Zion, let not your

hands be weak.

The Lord your God in your midst,

The Mighty One, will save;

He will rejoice over you with gladness,

He will quiet you with His love,

He will rejoice over you with singing.'"

I pray you will let the love of the Father comfort

and encourage you today. He is saying,

"Don't be afraid, I'm here to comfort you with my love.

I want to rejoice over you and sing and be glad with you."

That's the heart of Father God for you today.

You are loved!

Until next time...

Linda Cross

Linda shares from Israel - Jerusalem March

Favorite picture of mine

Ever feel like life is more than you can handle?  Know that the Lord is as close as the mention of His name! His name is JESUS! Call upon Him today - He will hear and deliver. :)
Ever feel like life is more than you can handle? Know that the Lord is as close as the mention of His name! His name is JESUS! Call upon Him today - He will hear and deliver. :) | Source


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    • gammalinda profile image

      Linda Cross 5 years ago from Minnesota

      You are welcome! The Lord is good! He loves you so much and wants you to experience more of His goodness! :) Blessings! :) LindaC

    • profile image

      SparrowMinistries 5 years ago

      Thank you! This came at just the right time. I know God sent me here to read this message. Sometimes I encourage others but forget that the message is for me, too. God is using you. Up and beautiful!

    • Keith Risden profile image

      Uncle Barry 7 years ago from Jamaica

      I think this is an awesome hub. I am truely happy I took the time to read it.Thanks

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 7 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Thank you for sharing this Linda. It is a beautiful picture.


    • gammalinda profile image

      Linda Cross 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Thanks. I'm glad you were blessed.


    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 7 years ago from trailer in the country

      made me laugh...with a few tears in my eyes.