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Lake Monsters - Champ of Lake Champlain

Updated on March 31, 2010
Sandra Mansi's Famous Photograph
Sandra Mansi's Famous Photograph

Champ Lake Monster

All over the world, there are reports and sightings of mysterious creatures living in lakes. One of the most famous is Champ, who is said to reside in the depths of Lake Champlain. Lake Champlain is a large fresh water lake that is bordered by New York and Vermont in USA, the northern portion of the lake reaches into the Canadian province of Quebec. The lake covers an area of over 400 square miles and in places, it reaches depths of over 400 feet. The lake is home to some unique, ancient coral formations, as well as, a great many varieties of fish, including the legendary Champ.

The first to claims of a monster living in Lake Champlain began with the local native tribes. They called the beast Tatoskok.

One of the strange things about the Champ sightings is the number of people who have seen the creature at the same time. One sighting of the creature occurred in 1819, when a railway crew near Port Henry reported seeing a snake like beast coming out of the water.

Through the years, various ferryboats and steamboats full of passengers and crews have seen this strange beast. In 1870, a steamboat claims to have sighted Champ near the town of Charlotte. In1945 the S.S. Ticonderoga spotted Champ. There have also been numerous sighting by anglers and people enjoying recreational activities on the lake.

One of the most controversial sightings was a photograph of Champ that was taken by the Mansi family. This photograph is said to be the best proof of Champs existence to date. The photograph has been the subject of countless tests and examinations. There is yet to be any proof that the picture has been altered or tampered with in any way.

In 2005 two-fisherman claim to have gotten video footage of the elusive, Champ. Two retired experts from the FBI viewed their film. Although, the FBI would not verify what was on the video, they did attest to the fact that the video appeared to be legitimate. They found no signs of alterations or tampering.

What is known about the area is that in prehistoric times much of the land was in fact covered with water. Archaeologists have found fossils of large sea mammals in the region. What makes these archaeological discoveries significant is the research that has been done in the lake in the past decade. In a 2003, a research team discovered that some kind of creature was using echolocation in the lake. Although, they were unable to determine the source of the sound, the only known animals that can produce this type of noise are dolphins and whales. The team of researchers from Fauna Communications is planning to go back and continue their investigations.

As the sightings of this creature continue to grow, now numbering well over 300 so does the interest is this creature. Hunters and anglers have been trying to catch this elusive creature for years. However, if you have any ideas about joining these hunters, be wary, both the states of Vermont and New York have passed laws to protect this creature. Perhaps with new technologies and advancement in under water research techniques the mystery of Champ may be solved.

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Unsolved Mysteries - Champ Lake Monster


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    • Paradise7 profile image


      8 years ago from Upstate New York

      Very interesting hub. Yep, something weird lives in Lake Champlain. There must be more than one, and have reproduced, otherwise the sightings would have ended.

      Good article, thank you!


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