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Lal Kitab Remedies for Money

Updated on September 26, 2013

Money is one important part of everyone’s life, and even those who actually don’t hold much desire of it. It is popularly said that money is not everything, but it is certainly something. This actually defines its significance, in particularly in the present scenario. It is something which is very significant and necessary in order to survive. Also, for many, it has unfortunately emerged to be the very base of things like relationships, love, etc. However, even if you choose to decline that, you cannot decline its essence right away.

Lal Kitab Remedies

So, if you understand its essence, and if you wish to ensure that you always have abundance of money and money reserves in your possession, follow these simple Lal Kitab remedies for the purpose of same. They are primarily meant to shape your destiny in favor so that more money (not necessarily in that form) drives in your life. All the problems which might otherwise be stalking your chances of gaining money can also be eliminated by following these remedies. Assess and understand your situation, before you select any of the below stated remedies and put them in application.

1. Earn Profits in Business: If you wish to earn huge profits, and attain quick and steady financial growth in your business, then this remedy should be brought to application. It is also effective for putting a stop dot on your frequent and infrequent business losses. This remedy has to be performed on the auspicious day of Deepawali. Take seven betel nuts and pooled them together in silver foil. Put that set in the sacred place of worship of Laxmi Poojan. Follow the same for seven succeeding Mondays. On the following eight Monday, collect all that has been offered since the beginning of it, and offer that all in any Vishnu temple.

Another effective Lal Kitab remedy for the same involves running an empty pitcher in running water. You can start the same from any Wednesday, but makes rue to follow it for subsequent five Wednesdays.

2. Earn Fruit of Your Efforts: If you believe that your efforts don’t yield you the true and deserving results, follow this. Write down the sacred word of ‘Shri’ which is also the Beej Mantra of Goddess Laxmi on a concur (Shri Phal). Then, drop it in running water on the day of Deepawali. Follow the same process regularly for 44 days, ensuring that you don’t miss even a single day in between.

3. Eradicate Dearth of Money: Dearth of money and lack of wealth reserves in your life because of any Vastu Dosha in your house can be conquered by using this Lal Kitab remedy. Select anything square-shaped material made up of copper. Drop it in the running water. Follow the same regularly for 40 days, without even a single day break in between.

Another remedy for the same problem involves a social distribution of poori and subzi. Follow it for eleven successive Saturdays, starting from the Saturday of Shukla Paksha.

4. Ensure Considerable Credit: Credit is one important source of survival for any business. More often than not, a business primarily works on credit. However, in case you find it be too tough to be gathered for your business, follow the following remedy. On the first Saturday of any month, buy and bury some black eye powder (surma) at some deserted place.

5. Confirm Earnings: If you do not hold any permanent source of earnings, you can follow this remedy. Buy an iron pot, fill it with water, and place it beside your sleeping bed on the side of your head at the time of sleeping. On the morning of the following day, throw that water out of the house.

6. Stabilize Money: In order to stabilize money and money resources in your life, observe the following remedy. On the day of Saturday, place an iron pot filled with water beneath your sleeping bed. On the morning of the following day, offer that water in the roots of Bodhi tree. Follow the same process regularly for 40 days, without missing even a single day in between.


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    • profile image

      shashi 2 years ago

      What supposed to give to child to increase the hunger .

    • profile image

      Richa 3 years ago

      My question is also same as previous one, remedy no 5 is it a single day process or for few days .please reply.

    • profile image

      aman 4 years ago

      Remedy no.5 for confirm money..... is it a single day process or few days or lifetime ?????????????

      Please tell

    • profile image

      smruti swarup biswal. 4 years ago

      its very nice

    • profile image

      Sahil 4 years ago

      What does makes rue mean?

    • profile image

      Noori 4 years ago

      May be to any tree

    • profile image

      Harvesh 4 years ago

      If Bodhi tree is not available in any country..?? Then where we can offer water ???