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Late to the Jesus Pep Rally

Updated on August 20, 2011

I hear Your Voice Within Me

All Rights Reserved
All Rights Reserved

2000 Years Late

Jesus I just arrived on the mountain, and no one was here. I expected to see you there preaching to the crowds. I heard your voice in the wind calling out to me. Where did you go? I am sorry I was not there to stop them from crucifying you. If I am honest, then i probably would have been like Peter and deny knowing you three times ,when the cock crowed. Fear brings us all on our knees. I look out across the mountain range, and I see the flowers blooming, and a little lamb walking across the top of the mountain. He seems to be lost like me. I heard you were the Good Shepherd and would have taken care of all the little lost lambs.

Wait a minute! I can hear someone speaking to me in my mind. Is this the great spirit they call the holy ghost or could it be you, my Lord? It is telling me, that I should carry on my pep rally and shout out your name to the wind. Have faith..... the voice said my daughter for the time will come, when all will hear my voice. The voice said watch the lamb for it is lost, but it will be found. Just as the spirit is lost but in me, then you also are found. I kept listening and softly I could hear his words as he would have said, when he preached to the crowds. I felt special, because I came to a mountain and I was blind, but now I see. I was dead and your raised me from the shadows, and I was starving and you fed me the bread of life. I was thirsty and you gave me drink of the blood of your body. What hospitality was this? I call it lasting hospitality, because I shall never forget when remembering this time we shared together. Even though I am late I will keep inviting others to come to the mountain.

It is like we play hide and seek often. You hide from me, and I seek you out, but sometimes you do not answer me, but then on some occasions I hear you. It is hard Jesus to not see you, but I know I must keep the faith. Many have said you do not exist, but in my mind you always will. You told the crowds to suffer the little children to come unto you. For you treated them with lots of love for they were learning and did not understand but took things by a child's faith. They were precious in your sight. How can we have such love that kind of love to all children no matter what. You loved them all. As I sang my songs from the time I was small, then I remember how you loved the little children.Those were the days my heart felt like rejoicing to know someone loved me like you did.

Shout out to God the father, and speak our Lord's name for I came to a pep rally, and I was late. The most important thing is I came. The mountain was high and I had to climb it. Each step seemed harder to climb up, but no matter the distance or how high you must climb to get there, or even if you are late, then you must know that the journey is well worth the trip. For his voice is still speaking out in the wind. His voice is strong, and it lasts forever. Faith comes by believing and believing comes through the words of our Savior. Lift up your spirit toward the Lord for he will hear you whether you are on a mountain, by the sea, on the street, in a hospital room, whether you are weak or poor, then know that he hears your voice as you shout out Amen to the Lord All Mighty Father, God, and Son. May his holy spirit make a voice inside of you to lead you on the path toward his kingdom. and in his hands put your trust, and let all the sins that you do be forgiven, and in doing so remember you come to him by faith,repentance, and for salvation. Glory be to God on the highest Mountain, and all around the Universe. Amen


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    • ladybluewriter profile image

      ladybluewriter 6 years ago from United States

      Please also read Come to a Jesus Pep Rally my first hub on the topic as well.