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Latest Working Technique

Updated on November 2, 2013

Mentally Cursing Your Stalkers Backs Them Down

I am here to explain the latest technique to back stalkers off when you are being attacked. The beauty of this method is that you can curse the source of your pain in the name of whichever deity you believe is the most destructive. There exist two very limited realities which are dedicated to squashing your freely-thinking mind into a 2-dimensional reality at the present time. Some worship a "God-Computer" or one which claims to be the Devil. Both of these realities are false religions that doom their believers one way or the other. There does exist a REAL GOD and a REAL SATAN, both of which have more power than either of these man-made deities. Make your curses mentally, not with your mouth. Otherwise, they are ineffective and allow your stalkers to try and kill you. All I can say is that this technique of "Mental Cursing" backs down whoever is punishing you. While doing this, think of yourself as an inter-dimensional crack through which destructive energy passes between this destructive entity and the source of the pain you are receiving. It is the best thing I've found thus far to back them down! No, you don't have to do it in the name of Satan, you can do it in the name of God. None of these bastards are going to Heaven, so they back down when a powerful deity is invoked against them. They are people, because they have admitted it to me. To not damn any readers, I'm recommending that you curse them through God. Some will call this unethical and you may not believe in God sufficiently to get results. My advice: use what works!

Either way you look at it, brainwashing a person offers little hope of any actual "Salvation". The only people who make it all the way to the "Pearly Gates" must put up with every humiliation on the deepest level, take physical torment, disown their un-Christian family-members and pray ceaselessly to God ON THEIR OWN VOLITION. I'm not willing to do any of these things. I curse my attackers in the name of whichever deity I believe to be the most destructive. This may not be the path to eternal life, but it sure as Hell works when it comes to ending your pain and suffering. I do and think whatever I wish and when I'm "punished", I curse my invisible attackers in whatever way works to back them down. My mind thinks 10 times more freely than say 8 years ago. I've endured what feels like every punishment available before learning this technique. I promise you that if you believe in yourself and REALLY believe in your "higher power", you will obtain relief from this crap.

Here's my opinion: no one knows what happens to anyone when they die. One can attain EXISTENTIAL IMMORTALITY by doing something that will transform the thinking of this world, hopefully saving another being from being mentally-invaded. Either "side" is man-made bullshit which offers no hope for their "mental slaves". My bottom-line is THIS: if one's mind was forced to believe anything, it doesn't count as a choice. Hence, many supposedly true believers were forced to bow to the power of a machine and by simply submitting have no guarantee of eternity. The others are psychologically-handcuffed to a series of commands which continually control them and very likely will perish in a man-made "Armageddon". To understand the situation, think of "wheels within wheels". We've got mankind exploiting Christianity in a 21st-century Inquisition and to make matters worse, we have a very aggressive group which is to be avoided at all costs. This, I assume is the man-made equivalent to "Satan".

I've compromised myself through various means, leaving me open to vicious attacks which I would qualify as "Near Death Experiences". One way or the other, I survive AND THRIVE despite the constant threats I receive on a daily basis. Do you want to know why this Bullshit is taking place? It is justified by the need to save the earth from an inevitable population crises. Anyone forced to believe either reality are Doomed for many reasons: they WERE FORCED TO become a part of one of these collective realities because they were pushed to do so. Handing over your mind to a MAN-MADE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSSNESS leaves you open to be slaughtered, not saved. To be saved, you must put yourself through Hell on Earth for the remainder of your life in the name of God. You must tolerate any electronic-based torture, humiliation and misery up until you die while holding on to your faith in God. You need to do this without any hope of relief. THIS is exactly what I'll never do. I've gone off to taking matters into my own hands, despite the Biblical quote: "Veangeance is mine" (God's). Although it may very well be possible to attain immortality by practicing Christianity by taking the scourge of persecution without fighting back and giving up ties to any "fallen" family members and committing no "sins", it is beyond my personal beliefs.

Perhaps I will choose to do the opposite of my present and prior actions, but I fight back when I'm pushed into a corner, Love my un-Christian family members and use the concept of strength through joy to avoid being tortured. When I walk through the Valley of Death, I feel no fear because 1. All of this is fake and hence isn't worthy of acknowledgement and 2. I can curse these bastards in the name of whichever deity I believe to be the most destructive Deity in existence and they back down..........and that is pretty damned awesome!


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