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Lavender: The Dreamer's Tool

Updated on July 13, 2016

Lavender Body Oil

When I was a child, my grandmother had lavender plants in her front yard. I distinctly remember the smell of the herb being very soothing to me and it still is to this day.

I use lavender solely for two things, relaxation and stress relief. I have tried a handful of lavender oils till this day since it is something that can be quite pricey when bought in stores. The lavender oils are my favorite, they help me relax and have been a quick fix to my insomnia.

The best time to use lavender oils is right after bathing. Rub the oil on your wrist, put a little above yourupper-lip if you enjoy the scent enough. Lavender is a scent that can be overpowering, so just use a little bit. If you use too much of the essential oils it can be overstimulating to the user. I recommend only trying a little at first.

Some brands of essential oils are diffused with an body oil and not so much the lavender itself. Be careful on what brand of essential oils you buy as some are weaker then others.

The first oil I have to share is the Aura Cacia relaxing lavender body oil. I found this brand to be very soothing and nicely scented. The downside is that it must be used sparingly, it is strongly scented and you don't need a whole lot of use to soothe. This brand wasn't the actual essential oil itself as the essential oil is pricier than the brand I had bought, but I do believe it has more lavender diffused oils in it versus the brand I had purchased.

The good thing about the bottle of essential oils is that they were both scented very nicely. They were both very lovely smelling and overall I would recommend both products.

Wearing the lavender at bed also has induced some vivid dreams for me. So if you are into dreaming and would like to experiment with this, give it a go.

It is possible that lavender stimulates the brain but this is just an experimental idea.

Below are several dreams I had while wearing the lavender oils in my sleep.

Dreaming with Lavender

The dream started out where I was camping outside a very remote location in a neighborhood, one of my cousin's gets out of a tent, looks at me concerned and the says to me “Alia, Is something wrong?” I turn around and say to him “No, nothing at all.” as the starry night shimmers and in the back of my head a light goes out in the sky hinting something much more exciting was happening within the dream.

The next dream sequence was like watching a movie in the movie theater. There was a young bold looking caucasian man the reminded me of the young James Bond, he was holding a pistol and wearing suspenders with his hair combed back very suave like. Before seeing this man I was trying to tap into the universe in my dream by using computer code hacks in the dream realm. I kept at it deciphering meaning and resemblance of words by definition. It was almost like I was hacking my brain to dream about something interesting for my stories. One I successfully hacked into the dream linguistic database of information, the dream then zoomed into the young James Bond who actually kind of resembled the young Leonardo DiCaprio. He was on top of a stair balcony holding a pistol, this reel of images kind of reminded me of Titanic. The fancy inner workings of the boat resembled the stair banister, but there was sense of tensity as he was holding the pistol fiercely and then he shot killing two woman. I scolded him for killing innocent woman but he insisted that they were black widows and they were up to no good. “Still no excuse to kill a Woman,” I said to him. “I guess you have a point” He said as he swiftly put the pistol into his leggings and walked off back up the stair banister. The stair banister leadings seemed to have no actually workings of location or sense of where he came from if that is he came from anywhere at all. The background seemed to just lag off into darkness around him. I thought within the dream, “Maybe he was sinister and I actually talked some sense into him.”

Then It was like I was watching a super-hero themed apocalypse movie. There were two young teenage boys shooting the shit about 'the end of the world'. They suggested to each other what they would do and how they would survive together. They were best friends in the making. As they sat in a philosophical mind-set view of their interpretation of 'the end of the world' setting they were picking up pieces of building rubble from 'the end of the world' and throwing them of into a distance where there were burning buildings and no people in sight.

Then the movie changed from the philosophical view of two young boy's perspective on 'the end of the world' to a more futuristic-fantasy end of the world setting, but it was really brief. A young man was upset over something which was unknown at the time of the dream. He then abruptly started using a superpower which gathered near-by rubble and building structures hap-haphazardly binding them into a giant ball of cement and rubble. He was creating a human made asteroid. He was going to spiral the cement ball into the sky. His friend was helplessly chasing after him, he had no super-powers. I guess this kid was just mad at life. There was no dream suggestion that he was helping a cause and effect of something. It was probably just a dead-beat idea rolling around in the haze.

Lavender from my experience has brought many pleasant experiences and interesting questions that point towards it usages in waking life. I believe that lavender can be used as a dreamer's tool to having vivid dreams as long as the fragrance is pleasant to the user.

I conclude that this is only based of personal experience. I do believe that 'the mother of all herbs' does harness some natural abilities, interesting dreams being one. After all, dreams are a part of nature.

Lavender Essential Oil

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    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 16 months ago from Australia

      Lavender tea is as strong as hooch. It will give you hallucinogenic dreams and knock your socks off. Seriously. I had to stop drinking it as it gave a really heavy sleep and bizarre dreams.