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Law Of Attraction: The Law of Grattitude

Updated on January 20, 2014

Many people in this world are ungrateful and take things for granted. They often look on the bad side of things and can't appreciate what they have.

The law of attraction states that when you are grateful you attract more things to be grateful about. When you are negative you are actually pushing your desire away from you. For instance you got a job offer. Be grateful and accept it. If you do not like your job or got a job offer with low pay don't complain. If you complain you are actually pushing your desire away from you and attraction what you don't want.

The same thing goes for missing someone. If you miss someone and complain how they are not in your life you are actually saying that you do not want them back in your life. If you were grateful that you got the chance to get to know them and shared many memories than you may attract them back into your life.

No matter what things look like now do not focus on the negative. Focus on the positive and you will attract more positive things to be thankful for.


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