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Law of Attraction: The art of letting go

Updated on January 2, 2013

Since The Secret came out we learned a lot about the Law of Attraction. Some of us have even experienced success with it. One of the steps when it comes to The Law of Attraction is letting go. However as human beings we have trouble with that step.

We become so focused on what we want that we become more stressed out. We try to believe and have faith that what we want will come to pass, but we keep looking at what we don't have. Therefore we are getting more frustrated and it will take longer for it to happen.

If you have a certain goal follow the steps. Ask for what you want. Believe it will happen. Visualize it. Feel as if you have it. Be grateful and then release. Then in due time when you aren't expecting you will get it. This is the law of letting go and you will receive it once you let go.


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