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Layers of illusion veil our Self!

Updated on April 18, 2013

A letter written by Saibaba!

Remove the veils of ignorance created by the senses!

The attractions of the world are many. It is not easy for a weak minded individual to discard those attractions. Only those who are strong in spirit can tide over the attractions. Many of our readers may not be aware how each of our senses entice us? It is just like a thick cloud veiling the glow of Sun itself. But the beauty is that the clouds are there due to the Sun alone. Hence the clouds hide their very source! Is it not interesting? When the greatest source of Light and heat is veiled by passing clouds which tends to create darkness, what we can think about the fiery senses which has got the greatest power of illusion?

Now let us revert to actual life situations. We see the beautiful nature around us and are easily attracted to the pristine beauty. The dark blue sky above and the green vegetation that abound in nature on earth. What a beautiful blending of colors. Hills stand majestically reflecting different colors. Every one love to visualize such natural beauty. Now a young man glances a passing lady. Somehow, she catches his entire attention. Her graceful walk, her dress and hair style every thing look so beautiful to him. This is the first net cast upon the mind of the young man. It is not easy for him to divert his attention from the lady. He want to talk to her and he creates an opportunity. Once he gets the opportunity to talk to her and listen to her melodious voice, a second net has been cast. Escaping from these two senses is impossible for the young man. Thus, the senses enslave the mind quite easily. This veil of infatuation starts growing menacingly. If the young man is wise enough, he would ignore the attractions of the senses straight away. But majority of young people become a prey to the senses.

Now we have seen that only two veils have been cast upon the mind of this young man. Already, his discrimination is lost, His priorities have changed. He became mad after the girl. Now there are three more senses which awaits to pounce upon this poor young man. They are the sense of smell, sense of touch and sense of taste. Readers may well imagine the miserable plight, the young man is put into if all the senses tighten their grip over him. Initially we have seen that a tiny passing cloud could hide the Sun itself. Now we have seen how the five senses play havoc on human mind.

The saints of ancient time have experimented with the senses and they subdued them to a great extent by disciplining their thought process, meditating on the Self and subjecting the body to greater disciplines. A beautiful example given by them is, "As long as you feed the fire, it will raise its tongue more furiously. Yes, you can never satisfy the senses since they will clamor for more and more. For instance, you want to enjoy a tasty meal. You go to a hotel and order for it. You start tasting the dishes and the taste lingers for few seconds on the tongue but it has to be sent to the gullet for digestion to start. After eating the tasty meal, you are quite satisfied. But the memory of the tasty dish is engraved in our memory and when the next opportunity arises, you will pursue the desire again. It never ends. This is the case with the other senses also. Hence we easily falls prey to taste. We can not forget pleasant experiences. Hence the man who is addicted to smoking and drinking can not leave it abruptly since the memories will haunt him very often.

Likewise, a man attracted to the company of a girl, will find separation miserable. We find more suicides in the world due to love failure. He is not aware that it is his senses which entice him to the girl. One important Truth contained in the scriptures of Hinduism is that the Self is the source of Bliss and not the external things or persons. A feeling of elation, the drunkard feels is not from the alcoholic drink. It is the reaction that triggers in the brain to the drinking which makes him weaker. We are disillusioned to believe that happiness exists apart from ourselves in the outer world. NO. You are the embodiment of Bliss. You need not seek any outer stimuli to add to your bliss and in fact the Bliss of the Self is Full and whole and it will never diminish or increase with outer experiences. We have seen that all the rivers drain ultimately in the sea. But there is no increase in the level of sea water! Bliss is akin to a Ocean!

The Self is veiled by the sensory attachments. Hence we are not able to perceive the Self as it is. We have to remove those veils one by one by practicing certain spiritual disciplines which will lead to Self-Realization, "That Thou Art"


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