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Learning Tarot

Updated on July 6, 2013

Learning tarot

Learning Tarot

So most people think that there is a huge trick or skill to this and there really is not. Learning Tarot is really just about memorizing the cards, listening to your intuition and going for it.

My first deck is written on, yes I defaced a tarot deck and so can you LOL. It taught me alot and now I don't need any descriptions of the cards I just know and for me it is mostly understanding the pictures on each card more than anything. That is why it is important to find a deck that really speaks to you. That way you really get to know each card and understand what the picture is really saying.

I have a blog about reading tarot cards and there are many books out there. So I suggest that you pick out a great deck, grab a great book, some decks come with books and get to it. The best way to learn is repetition so grab anyone who will take a reading. Get online and find soem groups that read for free and start doing some readings there.

Just keep your mind open to any intuitive thoguhts because that is where you come into the mix and make it your own. Say what you are seeing or feeling and let the person that you are reading know so they can leave with the info they came for.

i hope that helps in Learning Tarot. Now go read some cards!!



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