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Learning how to connect with your Spirit Guide - Step-by-step instructions for the beginner

Updated on April 12, 2015

Over the years I have helped many people connect with their Spirit Guides. My Christian mother and devoted Methodist was 80 years old when she first connected with her guide. She was able to connect on her first try, and he remained her trusted friend until the last day of her life. Most people who seek to connect with their guides are far younger, but it is never too late - nor too early - to reach out to the spiritual advisor and mentor you chose to guide and protect you before you incarnated.

Every human being has a Spirit Guide; a loving entity who watches over you from the moment you are born. Someone who is responsible for guiding you and keeping you safe as you journey through your life or incarnation.

The sooner you connect with your Spirit Guide the easier your life will become because you will have a life partner who understands you better than you understand yourself. Not to mention someone who can guide you towards achieving your Life Mission and finding the joy and happiness in life that you seek.

The Rules


You have to believe that this is possible. The only person capable of preventing you from connecting with your Spirit Guide is you. Even if you want to believe, but doubt it is possible, your doubt will clutter your communication channel and make it difficult for you to connect.


Communicating with your Spirit Guide requires concentrative and receptive meditation. You don’t have to master it, you just have to understand it. So what is the difference between the two? Think of concentrative as speaking and receptive as listening.

If you see someone playing with a dog and you want to pet the animal, you approach the owner and say “Is your dog friendly?” At this point you are on output so you are in concentrative mode.

You then wait for the owner’s response. At this point you are in receptive mode waiting to hear the answer to your question.

The same process used in human communication is used in spiritual communication.


  • Prayer is a form of concentrative meditation because you are in output mode, focused on the message of your prayer.

  • Mantras are a form of concentrative meditation, because your mind is centered on the words chosen for your mantra.

  • Guided meditation is a form of receptive meditation because you are listening and receiving/interpreting someone else’s words.

Making the Initial Connection

STEP 1: Find a quiet place where you can relax and settle your mind. This is extremely important because you need to completely relax in order to clear your communication channel. The clearer your channel, the easier the exchange will flow.

STEP 2: If you pray, ask the Deity that you pray to for protection as you communicate with your Spirit Guide. If your spiritual beliefs do not include prayer, simply ask the Universe to protect you as you communicate with your Spirit Guide.

Why do you need to ask for protection? Because you are allowing your Spiritual Self to open a communication channel beyond the confines of humankind, and you want to ensure that ONLY your spirit guide comes through. If you follow Step 2, you will be fine.

STEP 3: Begin your breathing exercises to relax your mind. Start with 4 count breaths and move into 8 count breaths while you focus on your physical breath moving in and out of your body.

Your thoughts will likely wander to the events of the day or tasks to get done, etc. Bring your thoughts back to your breathing each time your mind wanders. Be patient and respect the process. Everyone relaxes at a different pace so take all the time you need. Below is a relaxation visualization that might help.

Relaxation Visualization

If you need help settling your mind, visualize two mountain streams side-by-side: one stream is very calm with the cool water slowly moving across the river stones. Now focus on the second stream, which represents your stress, frustrations, and emotions. The water traversing this stream will likely be choppy and fast flowing.

Slowly breathe in peace and relaxation, then exhale the frustrations and distractions that are cluttering your mind. Keep doing this until your choppy stream is as calm and slow moving as the first stream. In fact, they should flow like mirrored images side-by-side.

STEP 4: Once your breathing has slowed and your breaths have become shallow, go into concentrative meditation. “I ask to speak with my Spirit Guide,” then immediately into receptive mode and wait for the answer (as if you just asked someone, “What is your name?” and are waiting for them to tell you.) If a response does not come, practice your breathing and relax so that your channel can clear, then repeat the process.

Do not get frustrated and give up. This is the most important relationship of your incarnation and worthy of repeat attempts until the connection is made. Remember that your Spirit Guide wants nothing more than to communicate with you. Your ability to speak directly with your guide eliminates the “guesswork” of you interpreting gut feelings and inclinations. Direct communication lets you ask questions about your Spiritual Self, your Life Mission, your relationships, etc. Your Spirit Guide can warn you about health issues, loved ones in need, as well as dangerous or toxic acquaintances. Your guide can also help you discover the amazing gifts and spiritual splendor that resides inside you; the benefits are endless.

Making Contact

Don’t be alarmed when your Spirit Guide speaks to you. It will come to you as a thought or non-audible voice. Your first question should be “What is your name?” Your guide will immediately answer. This is a preferred point of validation for Spirit Guides when establishing a communication channel with souls in their care.

Control Your Energy

If your Spirit Guide tells you to “relax” it is because your energy is spinning up and beginning to clutter the communication channel. Take a deep breath and visualize yourself exhaling the tension, then proceed with your conversation. It is not uncommon for high-strung people, or those who lead a stressful life, to have this request repeated during a communication.

Go with the Flow

Communication with your guide can occur at varying speeds. The communication speed is initially selected by your guide, and is based on your Mind/Body/Spirit balance, which directly affects your comprehension capabilities. In my life, I have gone from rapid communication to one or two word answers because I allowed fear to clutter my channel and one-or-two word answers were all that could get through. At this point in my life I prefer slow flowing communication, however, when I was younger I really loved rapid communication.

What is rapid communication?

It is an extremely fast flowing exchange of thoughts and images. You can have a lengthy conversation in a matter of seconds, but you have to be keenly alert to receive information at such a high speed.

This is how rapid communication works: When you read a sentence in a book, you start with the first word and read the entire sentence so that you can fully comprehend the meaning. Imagine reading the first word in a sentence and having the entire sentence pop in your head – fully comprehended. That is how fast communication can flow between an incarnated soul and their guide.

If it is not for you, that is fine; proceed at your own pace. Your guide will accommodate any speed that you are comfortable with, they want to make communication as comfortable as possible.

Ask Questions

Feel free to ask your Spirit Guide questions about your Life Mission, your future, how to achieve a joyful life, etc. Ask anything, your guide is happy to listen and advise.

If you ask a question and your guide does not answer you, try rephrasing the question. It is best to ask questions with a single focal point, because otherwise you could be asking a question with multiple topics that contradict one another.

Example: “Will I get married this year and will I be happy?” Instead, ask if you will get married, then ask when, then ask if you will be happy in that marriage.

Your Spirit Guide will usually answer your questions, but understand that if you do not receive an answer after repeated attempts that include rephrasing the question, it is because you are not supposed to have access to that knowledge at this point in your life. Always respect the fact that your guide knows more about your incarnation than you do. There are certain factors set as destinies in every incarnation, and your guide is aware of these, even if you are not. Withholding information may be necessary to ensure you hit a spiritual milestone.

Always be kind and gracious in your communication with your Spirit Guide. Remember that their love is unconditional, and deserving of your highest honor and respect.

If you experience issues, email me and your questions could be included in an upcoming hub.


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    • kredmond123 profile image

      Karen Redmond 13 months ago from Atlanta, GA

      You were born with the spiritual fortitude for this experience. It is literally in your DNA. You chose your guide(s) before you incarnated. Think of it as making contact with a trusted friend. Please make sure to protect yourself and follow the guidelines in this article. But if you are asking this question, I suspect you are ready to begin your journey of ethereal communication.

      If you feel hesitant, or are apprehensive, simply start with mediation. It is a very safe way to open that door of communication. 10 minutes each day asking for spiritual enlightenment. Your guide(s) will come to you when you are ready to receive. Be patient, but consistent. Believe in your ability and it will happen.

      Go forward, and if you have any concerns, reach out to me.

      A wonderful journey awaits you, of which you have complete control. Enjoy the journey!

    • profile image

      Lec2903 13 months ago

      How do you know if you are ready for a spiritual experience such as this?

    • kredmond123 profile image

      Karen Redmond 16 months ago from Atlanta, GA

      Unless you meditate on a regular basis, try it first thing in the morning when you first wake up. Your mind is naturally calm. If you have any questions, please let me know.

    • profile image

      feralcat05 16 months ago

      Thank you for the article it was very informative. Now I'm going to see if I can put it into practice.

      Thank you for your time