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Learning to Communicate with Your Own Soul

Updated on March 14, 2019

We don’t need to be too religious or belonging to any religious sect in order to have close connection with our souls. All that is needed is to be aware and to acknowledge that in essence we are all souls. We can either be a happy and contented soul or a troubled and troublesome one. The Bible and many other History books always have accounts of spirituality, worshipping some sort of gods or the only one Almighty God who is worshipped and followed by generations. Religion or some sort of collective beliefs in some spirit world and beings are evidences that humans are souls. Even the atheists who profess disbelief in God or any spiritual entities in this planet have some feelings of nagging uncertainty or emptiness within them that they cannot definitely define despite their stubborn disbelief in any god or powerful spiritual entity that cause miracles in life in any way and form.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a believer or not you are having feelings of emptiness and some longings within you ones in every while that need attention in one way or another, this is part of being human. Atheists won’t accept it as the soul causing them such inner turmoil but it doesn’t really matter how one defines it, such emptiness exists.

Communicating with the soul differs among individuals. You don’t need psychic prowess in order to communicate with your own soul. The wonder of having close connection with your soul is that you will develop an inner knowing and faith on something that is going to happen in a given time, you will have that feeling that something is sure to happen.

I take as an example that incident at the birth of my twins grandchildren, this is something I can never forget, it was pure miracle in the true sense. It was difficult time for my son and his wife, they only had P2,000 ($40) in their possession and the hospital bill was P63,000. ($1,260.) that should be paid before they can get out from the hospital and go home.

The night before we were supposed to leave the hospital but cannot because the management won’t permit anyone to get out unless the bill had been fully settled, I had this vision that I saw in a flash of light on one of the white walls in the room. I saw the twins and their mother laying on their bed inside the bedroom of their own home. This visionary flash gave me a tremendous feeling of peace and assurance that this situation will resolve itself in the perfect time. And true to the letter, the following day at the last minute, a millionaire gave my son a check to the amount of the bill plus some extra money and allowance for free. My son did not ask help from him but for reasons I can only explain, this millionaire heard of my son’s boy-girl twins and he is superstitious that this kind of twins will bring him good luck in his business so he sent his messenger to look for my son and when my son and him met he offered to pay the hospital bill and all the expenses in transportation and aide to send the mother and babies home.

Like I said our souls know what we need and those souls that can meet those needs in a given time and space. These souls meet in the astral level and the situation becomes miraculously solved, a miracle for us human in the material and logical point of view.

Now the question is, how did I know for sure the resolution of this situation? It was the flashy vision in my case but it won’t always be that way, there were a lot of times that my personal problems and situation were solved without any visions to announce the resolution, they were most often a feeling of assurance and a sense of knowing that this particular situation or problem resolves itself in perfect timing. It’s a kind of faith that has no trace of doubt can quiver. It is not an assumption or some surmising that maybe a resolution will come on time. It is a firm unquivering and inherent faith that moves mountains.

By definition, communication is a two-way process between two people or parties expressing their feelings and thoughts or ideas using a particular medium of expression then reach together an understanding whether in agreement or otherwise.

Given this definition a parallel happens when we communicate with our own souls. Take note of three points in this definition namely “expressing thoughts and feelings”, “using medium of expression” and “reach together an understanding whether in agreement or otherwise”.

Let’s survey each of these points:

  1. Expressing thoughts or ideas and feelings=

When two people communicate, words and bodily gestures are used to express thoughts or ideas and feelings which they both are doing to each other in the process of communicating.

It is different in the case of communicating with our own souls. We, the physical human may use words and bodily gestures or rituals to communicate with our souls but there are setbacks in this process because we have logical clatters if not cultural influences going on in our heads, these clatters prevent us from believing that we can actually talk to our souls, when we talk to our souls it must be carried out with feelings because the soul can only understand the feelings.

For example, the feeling of anxiety when you are in need of something urgent. You say something to yourself like “ Lord, how am I supposed to resolve this situation, I need P 20,000 for this but I don’t know where and how to get it in my own capacity right now, I know that you are all-knowing and that you can resolve this situation or bring me the money I need or you may have a better way to solve my problem…”, it’s like a murmur of prayer then try to relax and listen to your inner self in silence, sometimes going to sleep is an effective way to relax. You may not get the answer immediately as you expected so try not to expect, better yet forget about it feel like your problem is solved already because you have done the confiding stage to your soul and that the answer will come in perfect timing…do not repeat the process, do not reiterate the problem, just trust, the feeling of trust is the loudest feeling that the soul can hear.

Hence there are two important feelings that happen in expressing your thoughts and ideas to your soul. First, the feeling of anxiety as you express in words your situation or problem and the feeling of trust or relief after expressing the words and relaxing.

  1. Using medium of expression=

Between two humans the medium of instruction again are words and bodily gestures, sometimes drawings or illustrations.

It’s similar media you use to communicate to your soul but as always it must be with feelings and clear from negative or opposing clatters of the mind. Words are very effective but these words should be carried out by faith. Faith is the strongest medium that the soul can hear and respond effectively and that will bring you the answer exactly as you want or better. Faith is the strongest carrier of any miracles in your life.

Hence in this process you have to develop and establish faith in yourself and in the ability and willingness of your soul to provide you the perfect answer to your question, situation or problems, answers in anything you ask and need in your life.

Faith is the medium but faith should be developed and strengthened. We cannot force ourselves to believe on something or anything that we are not familiar with. We people are only familiar with those things and activities that come to us through our five senses, those that we experience in our daily life because for average people those are the true reality in life, that is the reason why our souls are left in the darkest corner in the cabinets of our hearts. The soul corresponds and functions only in our material needs when faith opens such hidden depths of our being.

Therefore, to communicate with our souls effectively is to use faith as a medium of communication. But what if our faith is not strong enough, worse if we don’t have it, if we cannot believe and trust what we are doing.

Faith can be developed, you don’t force yourself to believe on something strange to you but if you think it’s worth trying then try the technique. Faith can be developed through constant and consistent repetition of saying the words of that something you want to believe. It requires at least 28 days to religiously say the words in writing or spoken to internalize it. This is where affirmation comes in. There are several methods of affirmation. Some are effective to certain people which are not necessarily effective to others hence I present here at least two methods as examples, I give here one type of need or desire or goal that you want to manifest; the most common universal desire;

  1. Method one; First person …I, Maria, am now rich.

Second person…You Maria are now rich.

Third person…She, Maria is now rich.

  1. Method two; I am now rich.

You’re crazy

I am now rich.

You must be desperate.

In the second method you continue writing the affirmation I am now rich 20 times a day then under every statement you write what your mind is saying to oppose it. Continue doing this for 28 days until all the negative mind clatters are exhausted.

Once your faith is established then you are on your way to create miracles in your life.

  1. Reach together an understanding whether in agreement or otherwise”.

In this particular point of communication with your soul you will see some miracles and manifestations in your life because that is how the soul respond and show that it understands your message. Most often it responds positively and once it does it is more or better than you expected. If in some reasons you see some opposite happenings in your life or that what you’ve been asking does not come, you repeat the exercise of developing your faith until it becomes natural to you.

Approach your soul with strong faith, this is the key to successful and effective communication with your soul.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      2 years ago

      Finding your soul is so important to identity. Faith is increased as we discover the who we are, especially when it comes to connecting with God.

    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      2 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      Eric Dierker ,

      We all do. The wonder of talking or even constant thinking that our souls are listening to our feelings and desires is that we develop an instant faith that everything is well in our every here and now because we are not alone in our every endeavor and even in situations that are seemingly difficult to embrace. Our spirituality comes naturally to empower us.

      Once again I thank you for dropping by.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Really good stuff and well written. We should all incorporate some form of this in our daily lives. I fall into negative self talk when I fail to speak with my God.


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