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Learning to Lean Not to My Own Understanding

Updated on December 3, 2023
DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

Pastoral Counselor ordained Elder/Minister Ambassador at Alpha 7 Ministries M.A.Christian Clinical Counseling Certified in Creation Therapy

Trust Is Important In Any Relationship

Learning To Lean Not To My Own Understanding

Trust is a very crucial ingredient in any relationship. When you have trust in someone or something you are confident that you can rely on them for assurance or that it will do or function as it should. The trust one has in the Lord supersedes anything or anyone else. Think about this; You actually trust a chair when you sit in it? You sit down knowing or assuming that it is going to hold you up. God is everywhere we are! When you trust the Lord you begin to realize that your life is not your own. Upon this revelation you begin the process of slowly and surely relinquishing the things that inhibit your spiritual growth. Your desire to please Him increasingly becomes your main priority.

God knows us from the inside out. As you invite Him into your daily life you are also actually better able to relate to those around you. You try to find ways to encourage them to grow closer to the LORD and foster autonomy yet remain concerned about the well being of all. You also encourage them to stand for TRUTH over error. To readily REPENT whenever necessary.


Proverbs 3 says “Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight.” Of course this is easier said than done. But there is a significant value lesson in this Truth. What does it mean when we say all? Is it not to imply that we exclusively, wholly or entirely commit to whatever it is we are trusting? Trust is developed over a period of time within a relationship. Once trust is developed it brings about a certain stability that is indicative of the relationship. It also yields a sense of security and permanency.

You are leaning to your own understanding when you embrace something that is not true. Pray for discernment so you can learn to better detect and know the things that are of God. As you practice listening to God you get better at hearing His voice. There is a quiet inner knowing of the presence of His Holy Spirit DO not be pulled into the noise and messiness of this world. God is omniscient and knows everything, allow him to direct you where to go or not go. What to say and not say or simply when to be quiet. You must consistently spend quiet alone time with God for this is how you learn that you are never really alone. I Thank God everyday for His marvelous Comforter; His Holy Spirit!

When you truly put your trust in God you can unquestionably rely upon Him in any and every situation. God is not like us. He really does not change. God is the Spirit of Truth. I have met hundreds and counseled with many, but have yet to still meet a person who is always the same. Yes, their general temperament and attributes may be somewhat the same the majority of the time. Our good character always remains intact for it is coded into our DNA. But as long as we are living we should be growing... There are many clichés often said that are not really thought through. For example, I hear people say they know of such a person who is the same all the time. But that very same person quite often responds totally different to you or I on various occasions. I have also witnessed that they who say this, are themselves are not always the same. So yes, whenever it comes to God; "He changes not"

Meditate upon God's Word!

There is never or should there be any doubt that God will ever do just what He says. You must know God's Word. In order to know what He says you must take time in His Word "Meditate upon it day & night." This is also why it is so important to develop an ongoing personal relationship with Him. God knows all our hearts. When He has given you a heart for Him you must learn how to guard your heart.

People will do and say some of everything and expect you to roll over and be a doormat. They will go along with the crowd because they seek to be accepted. However, I doubt when they are alone if they are really content. Always remember what God says about the "Narrow Path" few find it. Be patient with others as much as you can but know you never have to let anyone disrespect you. You will have to learn how to "Pray without ceasing" and ask the Lord to help you to respond or not respond. Before we even ask Him anything He knows what is best for each of us. To the degree you exercise your trust in Him you begin to grow spiritually and your inner peace will increase!

"Whatever comes our way GOD allows it or HE ordains it." You know that whatever happens in time (even the bad stuff) GOD WILL work it out for your GOOD when YOU TRUST HIM & TRULY LOVE HIM!

Learn to Trust God and His Word

You begin to lean on GOD more when you trust Him. Your understanding begins to open and you become more aware of people, places and anything surrounding you. Your insight and perceptions of Him also broadens. You embrace His Son Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord! When this happens your desire to acknowledge Him more and more within your life. This is what cultivates inner peace. You gradually begin to take fewer detours and shift your priorities. You are able to relinquish many of the things and plans that are contrary to what His plan is for your life. No, this does not mean you become rigid or legalistic. Just the opposite you acquire a newfound freedom. But you realize the freedom disciplines you and frees you from being anyone's robot.

Your trust becomes rooted in the Lord, and you know and trust in His timing. You wait on Him for you know He will bring to fruition whatever He has promised. I must say you do become somewhat "peculiar!" So, expect to be misunderstood. Remain faithful to what you know is right. The Lord tells us to "observe all things." God knows when we are faithful to Him. Remember this type of trust also opens your understanding. You consciously realize that you are fully exposed to God. “Those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.” I Corinthians 4

Trust again is a very crucial ingredient in any relationship. On our country’s currency it even says “In God we Trust.” But do we really? I often wonder since there has been a plethora of attempts to remove this statement from money; has this type of reasoning contributed somewhat to the overall downfall in our economy that has resulted in a universal recession, yes we are now recuperating from it? Many trust in money rather than in God. Money comes and goes. The Lord has unlimited resources and ways to help us all. Everything that you will ever need you can discover in the Lord. Through Him you can access the necessary wisdom and knowledge needed to have a productive life. Therefore we must invite Him into all areas of our lives. He has promised to; "Supply all our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus!"

Notice the insanity that continues to persist. It is as though the world has been dusted with what I call "stupidity dust." This is why some of everything is going on. Which really is the influence of; "the prince of the power" of the air. The devil is clever but he is NOT all knowing nor is he omnipresent. After watching the news momentarily it is evident. Regardless of what the world does. "We who are believers are to TRUST and acknowledge GOD in ALL of our ways..." Notice the shift as well; since they have allowed Prayer to be taken out of the schools. Think about it! Is this why so many fatal shootings and crimes are happening within our schools, colleges and universities? This is why it is important to learn and to practice "PRAYING WITHOUT CEASING" you do not always have to speak forth to pray. Neither do you have to yell at GOD! Especially when you KNOW HE IS NEAR!

Worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth!

What is so interesting is that our places of worship are no longer considered sacred by many. There are some good things that take place. But also observe all the things that go on that are not of God. I have seen a continual shift. Many have become more like Community Centers. It is important to be mindful and prayerful to keep your focus upon God throughout worship. Worship is not about always having someone to tell you what to do and say or who to turn to. This is what always happens in the world within a lot of corporate sessions to make people acquainted with one another. What is so interesting is some of those very same people will purposefully walk right by you and don't speak or only speak to you when they are standing up and out in front of you and want you to give... They speak to you when they want something or are told to speak to you. LORD HELP US! Go figure? These are merely some of the trends that have happened in these "Last Days..." So know what your rights are in the eyes of God! As the true worshippers of God we are to
Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth!

Be more conscious whenever you speak forth the Word or listen attentively to the Word going forth! The TRUTH really does set you FREE! Pay attention at all times to your surroundings. Pray before, during and after worship. Be led by the Spirit of God. Everyone can benefit when God's Word goes forth properly for it is our necessary Spiritual Food for our mind. body and soul. It is like a "two-edged Sword! It is for the deliverer and the receiver as well. Rebuke the things that are not of God instead of embracing them. This is why it is so important to know the Word of God yourself. Despite what is happening or not always seek to "WORSHIP the LORD in SPIRIT and in TRUTH!" Turn your focus to God and let Him direct you wherever you may be. For many churches is a social circle rather than a place where the main focus is to Worship & Praise the Lord and lift up His Holy Name!


There is even a strong push to redefine marriage and change the oldest institution there is... I am "Pro Marriage God's Way!" This is not at all about hate. It is not right to change or alter what God our Creator has designed in order to appease anyone's desires or inclinations. If you so choose; you can have a relationship with whomever or whatever you want... But please do not try to make it the same as "HOLY MATRIMONY." This is leaning to your own understanding... You are now infringing upon God's written sacred Word! Your marriage vows when fully embraced give you strong healthy natural boundaries when engaging with others regardless of who they are wherever you are. Don't allow others to pull you into their storms and unhappiness. Some really do simply need a hug. Some a handshake. When appropriate pull them into your Peace that comes from God.

Physical Boy boy or Girl girl civil relationships

When you desire to make same sex relationships the same as marriage you are "leaning to your own understanding." Make same sex relationships a civil union if this is what you want. But perhaps simply call them physical "Boy boy" or "Girl girl" civil relationships. This is really calling it what it is. This gives you the support of man's civil law to a degree but know this does not come with God's Blessing. Why? This is not sanctioned by God.

Know God's Word is clear same sex relationships are an abomination to Him. It is your choice. God does not sanction any type of sexual relationships outside of marriage. This would be inclusive of adultery and fornication as well... God considers sex outside of marriage sinful. As believers we are not to embrace sin. Sin is anything that separates us from God. GOD says REPENT!!! As believers we are to embrace and encourage the WORD of GOD. His Word is our instructions for living... Sodom and Gomorrah were two ancient cities in Syria. Here is a perfect example of what happens! Please read Genesis 19 I recommend you search out the Word of God to see what He has to say in regard to "Marriage His Way!" Your decision is between you and God. As Ministers of the Gospel there is a "CALL" upon our lives to speak forth what God says. We are to "Live out loud The Gospel!" In the long run have you really and truly thought about what impact this will do to diminish the validity of the biological family the way God has designed it to be? Never let anyone undermine your good intentions. We are to speak forth the Word in season and out of season.

Don't continue to waste your time trying to explain things to people who are set on misunderstanding you.

Be God's Church Everday ad Everywhere!

This generation of young people have a shortage of role models that embrace God's principles. GOOD is called evil and evil is called good. Don't just talk church be His Church wherever you go! Especially in your own home. If everyone did this what a time in the Lord we could have whenever we all gather together to worship & praise the Lord! "Be God's Church everyday and everywhere!" This generation needs to be reassured that men and women are different yet equal in the eyes of the Lord. If this was so there would be no confusion in regards to gender. God has created all of us with a purpose in mind.

The world has a purpose too. It wants to confuse and desensitize you about life and offer you anything but God. God gives us a "Solid Rock" foundation. This world is on an unstable "Slippery Slope." We as believers are supposed to be "in the world but not of the world." For example Instead many will reinforce that it is okay do things such as to buy and wear clothes with holes in them? Now it is a trendy norm you can go to the store and actually buy clothes with holes in it. This is now considered to be fashionable. Think about it? Now look at the results? There is now a trend of wearing holey jeans and clothes. What does that really represent? Yes, that you have a choice. Perhaps, you are willing to conform to whatever? Right! No but they are showing that they are not material; No! This is simply another trend that is blindly followed.

GOD is a GOD of Justice

This generation needs to know about genuine commitment, loyalty, nurturing and God's design for marriage, life and living. They need to know about discrimination and racial profiling. They need to know about work ethics. They need to know the importance of standing for Truth! They need to know that God is a God of Justice. They need to know more about GOD! More about virtue and the benefits of having patience and trusting GOD and having FAITH in GOD! Christianity is not a role that you play or perform but a life that you live everyday. We were not created to become robots! Ministry is helping others to know Christ Jesus and live full enriched lives effectively embracing godly principles. They need to know that nothing happens anywhere that God is not aware of. You need to make them mindful that God truly is Omnipresent. Encourage them and all others to live before an "Audience of One!"

I can only imagine what life will look like within the next decade(s). LORD HELP US! Due to the shifting in our ever changing moral barometer in the world as well as in the Church there has been many conflicting binary messages. What is sad it is done in the Name of Love. God does not say; repeat! "GOD IS LOVE!" & HE says: REPENT!!! There is less contrast and more of the same behaviors in some believers akin to the world...

GOD SAYS REPENT! Repent in Hebrew is shub (pronounced "shoov") means; to make 180` turn. Meaning you are going in the wrong direction. Repent in the Greek is metanoia. This means a change of mind. Just apologizing and saying repent does not mean it is so. REPENTANCE means there is actually a healing change. You have decided to embrace and turn back to God's way.

Many of the ways of the world have been embraced by the people of God.. This too has resulted in less trust in relationships overall? What now becomes the moral standard? What makes people feel good? Do what you want whenever you want then ask for forgiveness because God is a forgiving God. Absolutely not. You cannot continue to practice sin living with a safety net. This is also leaning to your own understanding. So many just shift partners and change them like giving up a pair of old shoes... This gesture displays a lack of trust in our Creator God and a disrespect for His Word.


Lord help our country who our founding pioneers founded this country upon? They ingrained godly principles into many of the by laws. They made a vow to be committed to those laws. Well to tell the truth America was founded upon the Indians who were already here. God still holds America to those commitments that were agreed upon. We can see the evidence of what is going on that has resulted in a huge shift away from God's principles. God is still God! His design for marriage and relationships have not changed. His design for life and living has not changed. Regardless of who is president "He is King of kings! & LORD of Lords! It is we His people as Believers that are to uphold His principles regardless of who are what the world is doing. We all will have to answer to the Lord for our actions. This is another reason why so many young people are confused. They can receive support for everything that is wrong...

It is important to always give God the credit for what is good and just. For God is a God of Justice. In the end He will always prevail!

"GOD IS LOVE!" He wants what is best for each one of us. He wants to be a part of every area of our lives. People like to talk about love. But often omit the fact that correction is also a part of love. If you are not giving them what they want or telling them what they want to hear then you aren't loving them. Yet they can say and do anything to you and expect you to overlook it. Have you really took the time to listen to what the prophets had to say to the people. They had some strong powerful words of rebuke to say to the people. Take notice of how much they warned the people of what God had to say about life and living. Go figure?

It is important to know God and His Word for yourself! It is important to have and regularly ask for the infilling presence of His Holy Spirit. God is Omnipresent. Therefore wherever we are He is there! We should reverence and fear God more than anyone or anything else. " For It is in HIM we live and move and have our being!"

Each day is a precious GIFT from the LORD. Each day is a day to grow closer to the LORD! God is amazing and He is totally and absolutely "awewonderful!" He is totally aware of what we all do or do not do. Each day we as Christians are supposed to live as though we are expecting Christ Jesus to return.

According to Proverbs 3 it is quite clear how very important it is “to TRUST in GOD in ALL our ways” in order for our path to be made straight.” I believe all of God’s Word! As I grow spiritually daily it is my prayer that I continually shift to leaning more and more upon Him and not my own understanding. As His child I want to “acknowledge Him in ALL my ways so He will make my path straight.” Life is precious and trusting in God, our Creator and Maker of heaven and earth the Author and Finisher of our FAITH, you really can’t go wrong. It is not about an ego trip. It is about walking in obedience to His Word! You must be willing to accept rejection. God really does know what is best for all of us! You can learn to be strong in the Lord!

Holy Father, Thank You Lord for Salvation & Eternal life through Christ Jesus My Lord and Savior! It is important to remember from whence we have come… God always wants to take us to higher heights and deeper depths in Him. When we learn all that we need to learn on this side of heaven He calls us home. Or for those of us who may be here when Christ Jesus returns He will meet them in the air... Lean not to your own understanding for God will keep His promises! When I see the LORD face to face I don't want HIM to be a stranger! I do want Him to say "well done my good and faithful servant!"

Yes we all must continue daily to THRIVE in the LORD and to learn to; "lean not to our own understanding. " Grace, joy and peace to you in the LORD!

Live or really begin to live everyday; "TO GOD BE THE GLORY!"


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