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Left Eye and I

Updated on November 11, 2014

Favorite Pic of Left Eye

Listening to Lisa

What do I know about the beautiful Lisa Lopes in-so-far as her life as Lisa? Not too much. I haven't thoroughly studied her bio's on the Internet. I simply listen to the spirit that once was operating as Lisa - living as Left Eye. What I know of her Lisa lifetime I learned from the video-journal of her time in Honduras just before her fatal accident. From this, I know she was a (her own brand of) numerology enthusiast (she says numerology FREAK) but no matter the semantics, she loves the numbers and the signs that grow from them like a map to your life.

A Brave Soul Told Me to Do This...

This is my break-out moment of publicly channeling other than the spirit who most recently lived as Michael. MJ. I have no idea how this will go. I'm just going to let it flow. She (Lisa) decided to be my first volunteer. I thank her spirit in the acknowledgement section of my novel ( Endymion Oracles: Nina's Story published June 25, 2011) but I have never been publicly vocal as to WHY I did this. I simply thanked her as "Lisa" in the book. There is also a reference to "left eye" in the book. This is for her. Now you get to find it, if you read the book. :) I have always tried to remember to thank Michael when he writes through me. I use the letters "TYM" to do that. Thank you Michael. Here I will say, and whenever I know it's her coming through, "TYL." So you know. So you don't think it stands for "Talk You Later." ;)

Lisa, Left Eye, N.I.N.A.:

Here's something you need to know - spirit is one. We are one. Still we have our personalities, a blend of our experiences, our traumas, our favorite sh**, you know? We can carry our personalities from life to life to life. Some people claim to channel celebrities. God, I truly hate that whole vibe. So why the hell am I doin' this? Celebrities WANT to be heard, they are spirits that became celebrities because they are spirits that want to SPEAK. They may train to be actors, dancers, or fall backward into fame like J.D. (Heaven's always trippin' on him - but he does have volumes to speak to the world - this is my spot, so you get the initials from me. Figure it out) ;)

You want to channel spirit? Channel your own spirit. That's what everyone is trying to do - find a "famous" spirit and channel that personality whose name most everyone once knew - but it would be much more exciting to tune deeply into yourself. Fame means nothing. Love means everything. People FEEL the LOVE vibe in this universe so strongly, intensely, through music. Why do you think we do that?

The kid has a few facts about me. May 27, 1971, Lisa Nicole Lopes was born. April 25, 2002, I passed from your experience - from your world - from this life you still find yourselves in. Whatever you call it. This won't be new - my message. All we are here for is to LOVE. Is there a way for me to say that, so that everyone will turn from their computer screen and go be loving, patient, selfishly unselfish? (Yeah, I'll explain that). Really, no one is going to change unless or until they want to. The wisdom seekers already know it in their hearts. They are just reaching for confirmation and validation. They know. Listen to those who listen to you. Funny, but true. Think about it.

What's with the N.I.N.A. thing?

Illustration by Mimi O'Garren
Illustration by Mimi O'Garren | Source

Some Background Information on the Connection

Heaven Leigh:

I like being in this flow - I love your spirit personality through the filter of how I saw you on Earth. I didn't pay much attention to you, okay almost none, until after you passed.

As with Michael, my baby girl Jasmine, introduced me to you. I met you after Michael had passed I believe, or rather you came in more strongly then. So I guess he introduced us too. He gave me the open door, or rather tore down the wall for me to see and hear spirit more clearly. And there you were with all your numbers, numbers, numbers.

In 2007 I named her Nina, the heroine in my book. Had no idea why I chose the name "Nina." I like the way it sounds - liked the way it sounded. The book was nearly completed when I found a beautiful artist who lets spirit flow through her fingers too - in a visual way. She decided (quite on her own) to pattern Nina after your band-mate "Chilli." I gave her no clue about my affinity for your spirit. None, except maybe a silent energy that permeated the air around me. How that energy got to her - I don't know - but I can guess. And thank you. Mimi and I communicated through email only. So spirit can "leap off the page" I suppose.

Mimi - the lovely artist who drew Nina, told me of her inspiration to go with "Chilli" as Nina - after the picture was created. She did one sketch of Nina. The face never changed, as did the other illustrated characters on the original Nina's Story book cover. We needed to revise the others several times, getting to the true characters' visual selves. I remember I was looking into Nina's eyes for the first time, and I saw a strength there that said everything my character was needing to say. When you (Lisa) told me after the book was published, that you went by N.I.N.A. too - I got chills. Guess that's fitting. Chilli - chills). Note: If you look closer you will see that Nina's armband is sporting the number: 1111, a magical number to me and many others, it seems.

Selfishly Selfless or Selflessly Selfish - You Choose

Lisa, Left-Eye, N.I.N.A.:

Pay attention now.

Heaven's been recently influenced (asking for direction) by a beautiful soul sent to empower women's spirits on Earth today. Her name is Frantonia Pollins. She's a life-coach extraordinaire. This is where Heaven learned the concept of being selfish in a good way. Been tryin' to tell her this for years. Been sending peeps into her life, and she just felt too fearful and shamed by her past religious façade experience - to see and do this.

You been on an airplane lately - or ever? That fun little (necessary - so pay attention one of these times) tutorial that the stewards/stewardesses/flight attendants take you through??? You can see it in your head now? That's it. Put the damn oxygen mask on your own damn face first, Honey. That's all. You got to be able to breathe emotionally in this world, before you can help others breathe emotionally. You got to be doin' what you love before you can inspire others to do what they love. Get it? You gotta be takin' care of your own damn self before you can care for someone else effectively.

Beautiful Michael. He's gotta get in here 'cause we all BE. We all be connected. He was an angel that didn't understand selfish selflessness/selfless selfishness. My baby. Yeah, Chilli, you know too. He said the very same in his own book, Moonwalk. He wished to know what Marilyn Monroe could have gone on to do...what John Lennon could have done...Elvis. Taken from us too damn soon. All in their own circumstances. John was a different deal. Elvis and Marilyn. Same deal. Michael loves so deeply, so richly, so universally. He's got a lot to say...but this is my time, I know. Listen to me 'bout MJ then - learn. Selfish Selflessness/Selfless Selfishness. You can leave a beautiful legacy, but you will be Gone Too Soon if you don't practice this. Or you may be alive in your world, but dead inside. The heart can go on beatin' when it's broken. The soul can slip away and we can still be walkin' around - breathin'. You wanna BREATHE for real? Be who and what you really authentically were born to be in this world at this time. You'll have other chances. You already been here before. But this is now. Live your NOW exactly how you want to live it. NOW. It's always now - Heaven loves Eckhart Tolle's way of sayin'. It's a good way.

It's like this. You can keep gettin' a new mirror, but that's not the problem. You know what I'm sayin'? Siedah and Michael know what I'm sayin'. Figure it out. Think about it. Every step you take is part of the plan. It's okay. Even the problem - whatever you see as "the problem" is part of the plan. It's okay.

So Heaven here, (the author, that is) needs to tell you what spirit is saying. She's starting with Michael, now me. You know why? There's a closeness in the purpose of my lifetime and her lifetime and Michael's lifetime. How do you see source energy? Source power? Are you scared? Do you worship it? Are you scared NOT to worship it for fear it will be angry if you don't? Then HOW you gonna worship it? What's the best or right way?

Humanity is damned and doomed as long as you be about who to or how to worship source power. That's based on fear. Michael just DID it. Loved others. He tried to teach it and was shunned.

God. What and who? Anybody try to tell most peeps and they will look at you like they want to kill your ass.

Do you want to know? It's in that mirror you already own. Get a new mirror. Still there. No one can teach this unless you are willing to look inside yourself - fearlessly.

"God" has a mirror too. It is you. Are you scared yet?


Available on Amazon

Paperback & Kindle
Paperback & Kindle | Source


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    • SarahWhitman909 profile image


      6 years ago

      Really? Cool! :) I watch TLC hehehe have you seen Cake Boss? LOVE THAT SHOW!!!! That's so cool! I'll have to do some research and get to know her ;) :) Thank you Heaven!

    • heavenleigh707 profile imageAUTHOR

      Heaven L Burkes 

      6 years ago from The Invincible Heart of Neverland

      Hey Sarah! :)

      She is best known as the beautiful out-spoken member of the hugely popular TLC 1990s singing group. TLC is still around though. New Album this year.

      Left Eye does the rap part of "Waterfalls." I love that one - they play that one a lot on the radio here. Annnnd I love "What About Your Friends."

    • SarahWhitman909 profile image


      6 years ago

      I will make sure to do that :) I have actually never heard of Lisa. I wish I would have known about her before she passed on. Can you fill me in a little about who she was and what things she did here in her lifetime as Lisa? :) Thanks so much again for posting, I enjoyed reading this so very much!!! I can't even describe how amazing an expirence it was for me reading this.... :)

    • heavenleigh707 profile imageAUTHOR

      Heaven L Burkes 

      6 years ago from The Invincible Heart of Neverland

      Sarah, thank you so much for your comments! I love Lisa's spirit so much. If you ever get the chance to see the documentary of her last weeks/days it is well worth watching. Keep shining, girl!

    • SarahWhitman909 profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow.... what a strong message there!!!! I think that was one of the most inspirational things that I have personally ever read. WOW!!! I love how she talks about the airplane mask.... hehhe put your own da** mask on so you can breath for your own da** self! LOL xD I can tell that she definitely has a sense of humor. My lord.... all I can say is just.... WOW AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS WITH EVERYONE!!!!!! I'm practically speechless!

    • heavenleigh707 profile imageAUTHOR

      Heaven L Burkes 

      6 years ago from The Invincible Heart of Neverland

      Mike! That's wonderful - you channel yourself! Some of us are so shy we try to hide behind other's all in the hopes of being able to stand up for ourselves one day. ;)

      "...change the channel..." very cute sense of humor you have. I fell right into that one - (not very psychic of me). LOL

      Thank you so much for your encouraging and kind comments. I'm very happy it resonates with you. :)

    • mckbirdbks profile image


      6 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

      I have been channeling me for quite some time now. People keep telling me to change the channel.

      Now for your work here. I like the spirit in which you direct people to your work and the work of the extraordianry artist.

      Your presentation does everything it is supposed to do. Inform, enlighten, entertain and direct. Very impressive.

    • heavenleigh707 profile imageAUTHOR

      Heaven L Burkes 

      6 years ago from The Invincible Heart of Neverland

      Thank you so much for reading. She is a wonder, yes! I admire her so much. A spirit of depth, humor and vast love.

      Blessings and love to you, beautiful spirit!

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 

      6 years ago from Upstate, New York

      I was never to enraptured as when I watched her documentary bio. If ever there was a more spiritual person so in touch with others destiny as well as her own, it was her.

      And the uncanny premonitions blew my mind as does this article.

      Fantastic spiritual write.


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