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Legalism or Spiritualism

Updated on July 10, 2014

Cult or Church?

In the early 90's I was a member of a Baptist Fundamental Church for about 3 years. I taught Sunday School, drove a van and picked up people. Took part in weekly visitation. Babysat for visiting church pastors. We opened our home to out of town visitors. There were only maybe 12 members with children and visitors we might of had about 20-25 people at any given service. Not really knowing it at the time but looking back it was probably a border-line cult. I was a fairly new Christian when I joined. Coming from a large Pentecostal church it was quite different than what I was accustomed to.

Things I liked about it

I liked the bible studies I learned a lot.

I liked the family values that were taught.

The members were pretty nice.

The pot-locks and sharing of recipes was awesome.

I liked belonging and taking part. (The reason why people join gangs)

The pastor was a nice family man and was sincere and to this day I believe he meant well, but if you are constantly controlling people than how can God work in their lives. It was a strict church that honestly made me feel more rebellious. Today, I believe that the Holy Spirit is the best teacher ever and that pastors, preachers should just lead and guide and teach but only under God's spirit.

Some of the members today are disillusioned and not following God, for various reasons they left the church. Most of the children who attended don't attend church at all. At times when he was preaching everyone knew exactly who he was talking about in his"sermon" that if it was you, you wanted to crawl under the seat.


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