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Leo Man and Gemini Woman

Updated on October 30, 2010

Leo man and Gemini woman are going to have pretty good chemistry from the get-go. This doesn't necessarily mean that chemistry is going to one of a long-lasting nature, but it certainly could be if these two were of a mind to fine tune their respective needs for attention. Both are outgoing and friendly individuals and both are keen on boudoir activities, so, if the intellectual element is there as well, you've got a match made in heaven. Read on for more details on Leo man and Gemini woman compatibility.

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Leo Man

Leo man needs attention. And lots of it. Wait, let me rephrase this: ALL of it, especially if you're the person he's dating. It's not that he's self-obsessed or narcissistic; it's more that he thinks you should fulfill those roles for him, because that's what everyone else is in life automatically does. This is where Gemini woman can be a bit of a problem for the Leo ego -- she's used to multi-tasking and giving lots of people her undivided attention at the same time (and yes, she can do that, because she's got multiple personalities!) This will seem like a challenge to the Leo man at first, but after a time this could start to bruise his ego. And Leo's do not look good with bruised egos. If you want to keep your Leo man happy, Gemini woman needs to at least learn how to make Leo man feel like he's got her undivided attention every second of the day. Which she can probably figure out how to do with relative ease, given how intellectual and creative her little Gemini brain tends to be.

Gemini Woman

Gemini woman loves, loves, loves Leo man's energy. She loves that he lights up the room, because so does she and it's swell to have a partner who can hang. And she loves that he knows exactly what to do with that energy in the boudoir. But she hates, hates, hates his lectures on what she should and shouldn't be doing with respect to every aspect of her life. Once annoyed, Gemini woman experiences mood shifts that would impress Jekyll himself -- and upset Leo to the point he may not be able to cope. Gemini woman needs her independence and Leo man is rarely willing to give it to her to the extent she needs it. Therefore, a major compromise will likely be required, either on her behalf or his. But be careful not to compromise to the point one or the other feels they've been unfairly repressed, as that would probably lead to a great deal of passive aggression, which both partners happen to excel at!


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