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Leo Man and Leo Woman

Updated on October 30, 2010

The Leo man and Leo woman combination could go either way -- spectacular fireworks of love, or spectacular bang-up with black and blue egos by the time the breakup comes knocking. It's really down to how well these two can cope with sharing (yes, it's largely that basic!) and how mature they are as humans. A pair of 20 year old Leos would probably do alright for a few weeks, but it's unlikely to do well beyond that -- if you need an image, think Madonna and Sean Penn, who were clearly in love but not capable of handling their relationship when it came under pressure (and to be fair, they had more pressure than most!). But if Madonna and Sean had started hooking up in their mid 30s, after both had calmed down a bit, things could've lasted a whole lot longer.

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Leo Man

King of the jungle, or world, as he'd probably rather be known! Leo man is magnetic and sexy, drawing admiring glances from everyone when he enters the room. But, um, so is Leo woman, and while Leo man will enjoy showing her off in the beginning, he may start to get a bit jealous if he has to share all of the limelight all of the time. And it really doesn't help matters that Leo woman seems to enjoy forcing him to do so -- she's secretly thrilled to see him pouting about all the attention he thinks she's stolen from him. Truth be told, she hasn't; she's always had all of the attention. But if she's a clever Leo, she'll swallow her gloating nature and make sure Leo man doesn't know she's grinning on the inside. If she needs help accomplishing this, she need only think of how she'd feel if the same thing happened to her -- a temper tantrum would surely ensue! So be kind to your Leo man's ego, or you may force him to find a woman who worships him as much as everyone else does.

Leo Woman

Leo woman wants to rule the world, just like Madonna said all those years ago. And she's got a good chance of succeeding, all things told. Leo man will be proud of her, but he will not enjoy sharing her very much, especially if she flaunts it in his face. Beneath the famous Leo confidence is a sensitivity that should not be taken lightly. Leo woman must learn to share herself with her Leo man and allow him to feel important every now and then, or this relationship is not likely to do well. Apart from what goes on in the bedroom, that is -- but even the fantastic love life of a Leo/Leo couple cannot makeup for wounded feline egos! And it's also worth noting that a highly successful Leo woman needs to allow her Leo man to FULLY BELIEVE he's bringing home more bacon than she is, because a king doesn't mooch off a queen, and if he feels like he is, there could be real trouble in paradise.


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