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Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

Updated on October 30, 2010

Leo man and Scorpio woman could be a very interesting combination, indeed! On the surface it seems like a common enough case of opposites attract, but the truth is more that these two have very similar qualities. Unfortunately, these qualities can sometimes clash, but if the two make an effort, this could be a very satisfactory pairing. But there is work to be done, so don't waste time wondering; get busy fixing the little things so the big things stay in place for as long as you want them to.

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Leo Man

Charm and confidence are Leo man's natural birthright and he's very good at displaying them nonstop. The Scorpio woman will be drawn to these because she's not very good at showing either -- her attempts are often (wrongly) misread as haughty and full-of-self. This is not lost on Leo man, who realizes she needs to learn how to present her true self in a more receivable fashion, but he's annoyed that she doesn't already know this and will be embarrassed when others shun his Scorpio over what he sees as something she should already know how to do. His reaction to her social quirks can make her furious, but also more insecure about being herself. And this can lead to Leo man trying to force her into a certain character role in an attempt to "better her", which can lead to her burying her emotions -- till they implode, which could very well knock Leo male into another dimension altogether!

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman loves that her Leo man is so easy going and able to to charm anyone with a smile. She loves that he's so confident and people admire him for it. She wishes she could be the same! What she does have, however, is boudoir charm that makes him forget all about the little things she lacks -- cos she don't lack nothing in the boudoir. And neither does he, so this could be a great relationship, provided they never left the bedroom! But if they intend to get on well, they need to work together, instead of trying to work ON each other. Scorpio woman is sensitive, despite her oft-chilly appearance. Trying to change her means you don't like the way she already is, and while she may have some self-esteem issues, she does know she's good enough for you, mister! So Leo man needs to either accept who she is, or choose someone who already is the person he wants.


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