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Leo Man and Taurus Woman

Updated on October 30, 2010

Leo man and Taurus woman aren't the most logical of pairings, but hey, it could work. And the best chances of it working well are if there is great boudoir chemistry between the two -- cos without that sort of chemistry, things could start going wrong pretty early on. And that makes pretty good sense, considering how very differently these two express themselves. But like I said, if they can express themselves well in the boudoir, all will probably be well. Overnight, at least!

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Leo Man

Leo man has a serious need to be the star of the show, even if the show isn't his to be the star of. And most people will happily step aside and let him be that guy, because he's just so damned charming while he's parading about your living room and counting the many ways you should love and adore him. Most audiences will reinforce his beliefs by echoing his claims and this keeps him happy. But Taurus woman is less likely to play cheerleader on the sidelines and this could be an issue for Leo man's ego. It's not that she doesn't admire or adore her Leo man, it's just that she see little value in constantly praising talents he obviously already knows he has. She'd much rather spend her time *showing* him how much she adores him by doing things he can appreciate, like cook up something lovely, give him a nice hand massage, tidy his study for him, etc. These things go a long way in her book -- trouble is, he doesn't really notice such things unless they're accompanied by a simultaneous barrage of compliments and he could wind up feeling neglected without her having a clue as to why.

Taurus Woman

Taurus woman loves her Leo man and she's one of his biggest fans. Something she does not enjoy, however, is how often he feels the need to meet up with his other fans. It's almost a daily occurrence that Leo man needs to interact with his legion of admirers and this seems a bit much to her. She may try to go along with him at first, but after awhile she'll start to find his daily excursions annoying and she'll want to stay in while he goes out. He'll be ok with this at first, but after a time it could put a strain on the relationship because here you have a social butterfly trying to mix with someone who's plenty comfortable being a homebody from time to time. That said, if she simply waits up for him to return at midnight, he could very easily make it up to her in the boudoir and all would probably be forgiven!


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