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Leo Man and Virgo Woman

Updated on October 30, 2010

The Leo man and Virgo woman will both be able to charm each other when first they meet. This isn't a bad combination as far as astrological pairings are concerned, but it is one that the two may need to work at if they're going to last. And that's something most of us have to do, regardless of how well-paired we are with another zodiac sign, right? So if you've recently taken a shine to a Leo man or Virgo woman, have a read and see which obstacles may or may not arise for you.

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Leo Man

The Leo male is the star of the show and this isn't a big issue for the Virgo woman, because she's not a ham like he is. She's actually quite comfortable with his ego and has a special talent for taming that king of the jungle and turning him into a right pussycat when she wants to. She's also got a talent for complaining and nitpicking, which Leo man has NO talent for coping with, and if she'd like to keep her lion on a short leash, she'd best find another outlet for her kvetching, lest her lion find another outlet for affection. The Leo man will also think Virgo woman needs protecting because he doesn't realize her delicateness isn't the same thing as weakness. It's best to just let him think he's good at slaying your dragons once in a while, because if he thinks you can do it yourself, he may think you don't need him anymore.

Virgo Woman

Virgo chick can have a pretty sharp tongue when it comes to criticisms, but she does tend to make an effort to be less critical with her Leo man -- she just needs to boost that effort a bit once in awhile because the Leo's ego really can't take it as well as other people can. Your Leo wants to be your hero in everything, and heroes are heroes because they tend not to screw things up -- and if you're complaining about him in some capacity, that must mean he's less of a hero than he thought, and this could really depress him. If you want something from him that you're not presently getting, you should be clever about how you ask for it. The trick is to make him think it was all his idea, and then he's simply improving his already-perfect self for you, as opposed to you trying to improve his not-so-perfect self.


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