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Leo Sun Cancer Moon Combinations

Updated on May 5, 2013

Leo Sun Cancer Moon Combinations

"Her Illumination: A Sweetheart.

Her Dark Side: Needs Near Adoration.

Here the Sun and the Moon are in their true placements. This lady is the natural born mother of the Zodiac. She loves children and has an innate understanding of their needs and emotions. She's loving, kind, hospitable and generous. She's dependable and honorable and is the kind of friend who'll stop everything to help someone in a crisis. She may not be as quick to ask for another's assistance, not wanting to burden people with her own problems. She's one of the genuine sweethearts of the zodiac. She may not encounter fame and fortune, or be the most beautiful, but her harmonious nature, her giving and caring soul are just about tops in the 144 combinations. For all this she has very little conceit. She may appear vain to those who aren't concerned with their image or with fashion. She's a definite clothes horse. Her love of extravagant and elegant clothes are on her lists of life's pleasures (you were hoping she placed home cooking and ironing shirts above all?), along with get together's with dear and close friends. There's nothing not to like about this uncomplicated woman. She's the top confidant at work, confident enough to do her job and to bail you out when yours is getting you down. She's the childhood sweetheart who marries her high school football hero and thinks he's still wonderful after all these years. If she marries more than once, she usually marries a man who manages with her partnership to excel in his profession to the point of prosperity. She's not a nag, petty or mean. The children will love her when she's old and other mothers are discarded. People rally to help her when she's as fragile as the wings of the birds she has cared for. She could lapse into an affair along the way if she felt true love and devotion were not hers at home. A Leo would be perfect, a Pisces would be adorable, and while the Cancer is good of course, the Libra could be the long shot."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Leo Sun Cancer Moon Combinations

"His Illumination: A Gentleman.

His Dark Side: Needs to be Babied.

The Sun is the ruler of Leo, and the Moon is the ruler of Cancer. Here we find the planets in their dignity, or simply put, where they belong. Dignity is a word that describes this man well. He is a perfect gentleman, and charmer. He has a soft way of presenting himself that commands everyone's attention. He can do exceptionally well in the boardroom, or the bedroom. He can be a real heart breaker, and whose gets broken the most often? Mr. Leo-Cancer. Part of the reason, is that he sometimes slips on his code of ethics (he couldn't resist her advances) or inadvertently lets someone down. When he settles down, he wants to provide the best and most lavish for his wife and family. If he fails to be able to do so (and this usually won't happen) he is devastated. Think of him as a young, idealistic Gregory Peck type in To Kill a Mockingbird. He is genuine, sincere, and loyal, whether at work or home. Imagine how he would hate to not be the best friend, or best lover that you have ever known. Handle him with care, as he is sensitive, and oh so adorable. Okay, so you want to know his flaw. Well, he does have a quick and nasty temper. He is prone to depression when he gets emotionally hurt. Often, this manifests in backaches and stomachaches. He receives impressions much like a mold. A lot of his happiness depends on you. He needs to be babied, but he'll be worth it. He will love your children as much as his. He will smile as he helps you with the household or cooking chores. Just keep in mind, he is still the King as he helps you wash the dishes. Don't demand anything, and he will do his best to give you everything. He is a sucker for pretty girls; dainty and curvy, feminine and fragile. A Cancer Sun and a Leo Moon is, of course, perfect. A Sagittarius or a Pisces is a good match also."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)


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    • profile image


      2 months ago

      This describes my boyfriend well

      Im pisces sun, virgo moon

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Sounds right on, I completely agree

    • Ellieface profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I'm sorry if you found the combination offensive. I actually thought this description made the individual with this combination sound like a wonderful person. I have personally known a few people with this combination (my grandmother actually has this combination) and they are all lovely people.....inside and out. Sometimes the descriptions are right on with people, and sometimes they aren't. I can't make everyone happy all the time. But I am sorry if I offended you.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I completely disagree, am leo sun and cancer moon female and i am not a sweetheart all the time. I also disagree with you trying to apply that Leo Sun and Cancer Moon female are NOT that great looking or beautiful basically calling us ugly and that we don't have fortune or fame stop with this crap implying that beauty or fortunes and fame has to do with zodiac signs because I am the whole package i am extremely beautiful physically (model type) and emotionally at times, i am extremely popular and come from a wealthy family with a successful career on my own.. Half of your description is flawed.

      Zodiac Signs don't and shouldn't be used to apply which zodiac signs have and carry the DNA for being beautiful physically or who does or doesn't have fortune and fame. RE-THINK before writing a description that might be offensive to others.


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