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Leo Woman and Capricorn Man

Updated on October 31, 2010

Leo woman and Capricorn man could be a great pairing, but oh, my, could there be some unexpected fireworks with these two. Oil and vinegar, these two, but that doesn't mean a bit of effort can't make it a good mix. They will just need to work a little harder than some other couples, but in the end they will both find it very much worth the effort. Leo woman and Capricorn can be a very good complementary couple if they want to be. Read on to learn more about this very interesting astrological pairing!

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Leo Woman

Leo woman wants to be the most important person in the room and she tends to be precisely that. Capricorn man will naturally view her as someone slightly out of his league, but he will, deep inside, feel drawn to her anyway. I say deep inside because it takes this man some time before he knows his own feelings, let alone be able to express them. But once he knows he wants Leo woman, he will be absolutely tenacious about making her his own. And it won't be so hard, because his natural talent for providing the financially secure environment she's born and bred for will draw her to him. She will feel as though they complement each other in this respect. What she will not enjoy, however, is his boudoir style. In the beginning, at least. She likes fire and flare, and he's quite the opposite. But if she gives him a chance she'll realize that there isn't just one way to rock her world, but several.

Capricorn Man

Capricorn man admires and adores his Leo woman. He doesn't admire some of her traits, however, and doesn't understand why she needs to be so flamboyant. Nor does he understand why she needs so much attention from others, when he's happy to give her all she wants at home. He will have to realize this need of hers is innate and if she doesn't want to accompany her to loads of parties and social gatherings, he'll need to let her do this solo. He should realize that she's capable of being faithful, but Leo woman should recognize he will have worries in this department and Leo woman should make an effort to reassure him he's got nothing to worry about. She should think of how jealous she'd be if she was going out without her!


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