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Leo Woman and Gemini Man

Updated on October 31, 2010

The Leo woman and Gemini man pairing isn't an impossible match, but neither is it going to be the easiest. There are leadership issues involved and problems with emotional security that will be obvious from the start. This is one of the few relationship couplings in which Leo woman could become a bit neurotic, which is quite different from her usual personality. Yeah, sure, all women can be nutters, but Leo woman tends to be naturally secure, and in this match she will be far less so than she usually is. The Gemini man will probably be cool with all of it; if anyone has a "problem" here, it will be Leo woman.

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Leo Woman

Leo woman is a bright, shining star. She knows this to be true because everyone she meets tells her so on a regular basis. Friends, lovers, you name it -- everyone admires her. And Gemini man will admire her, too. But what he won't do (won't be able to do, actually) is conform to her demands and needs. And she's got loads of them! From the very start she will constantly be wondering just how into her Gemini man really is. This could be exciting initially, because it's so different from the usual men who drop at her feet with no effort on her part. And it may be fun, trying to tame her Gemini man, but eventually she will realize that he cannot be tamed -- he's just that way -- and this will cause her to feel very, very emotionally insecure because she'll never be sure of his commitment level, and commitment is of the utmost importance to a Leo. To Gemini, not so much. He's yours when he's there, when he's not, who knows?

Gemini Man

Gemini man loves to be entertained, and he will thoroughly enjoy having Leo woman chase him. And he'll enjoy letting her catch him, too. But then he'll want his freedom again and this is where the problem arises. He'll love her sense of style, her willingness to cash around as easily as he does, her charm and ability to enthrall listeners. But he will not enjoy feeling tethered or pressured to commit. Even if he doesn't have anyone else in mind, he will still need to feel like he's more free than Leo woman wants him to be. He'll be able to talk himself out of the first few arguments because he's got that gift of gab, but eventually she's going to make him put up or shut up. If these two are going to stay together, they will both need to make some big compromises.


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