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Leo Woman and Pisces Man

Updated on October 31, 2010

Leo woman and Pisces woman is another of those iffy combinations that will probably need some well-placed aspects in the natal charts to make the relationship a success. It's not impossible for this match to work, but boy would it take some serious work on both sides. These two are natural opposites and while it can work in the reverse, this particular pairing has a far more complicated dynamic the couple will need to overcome. Leo woman is a leader and she needs a man who is strong and masculine -- Pisces man has the gentlest energy of any male in the zodiac and he simply may not have the heart to stand up to this woman when it needs to be done. And if he can't it will result in her walking all over them, which will actually be a turn off her both of them.

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Leo Woman

Leo woman is all fire and passion and things of that nature. Pisces man is all starry-eyed romance and gentleness and tenderness -- and there ain't a whole lotta fire in that. That's not to sayLeo woman can't appreciate those qualities in a man, it's just that she needs them to be present in conjunction with manliness and action and passion. These just aren't the Pisces guy's natural traits and he knows it. Leo woman can try to rev him up in the boudoir but it's unlikely to help matters because he's a naturally gentle soul who simply doesn't need to be fiery in order to love or be loved. Leo woman, however requires it and anything less will lead to boredom. And a bored Leo woman quickly becomes a Leo woman on the prowl for another man.

Pisces Man

Pisces man can tolerate a lot with his unending patience, but he doesn't enjoy Leo woman constantly trying to "fix" him or turn him into the man she wishes he was. He doesn't enjoy her telling him what to do or how to be and his delicate self bruises easily on the inside. Even in the boudoir she wants to change him and that seems very silly to him, because he knows he's one of the most romantic men on Earth -- and he is! It's just that Leo woman confuses the word romance with passion and doesn't realize she's actually asking him to be something else entirely. These two are oil and water and it's very unlikely they would do well together unless they have favorable chart aspects that support the pairing.


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