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Leo - what you need to remember during this astrological month

Updated on July 25, 2010

The Sun enters Leo on 23 July

Every time the Sun moves into a different astrological sign, a new opportunity arises to explore another area of our human experience. This time it is Leo's turn. This sign speaks of creativity and self-creation as what exists at the root of who we are in the external world. However, creativity is difficult to express and should not be narrowly understood as an artistic capacity. The capability to create encompasses being willing to confront our faults and virtues and recognise them as part of our personal identity rather than embellish them to keep our ego happy.

Leo is known for intuition and leadership. These qualities are not necessarily descriptive of people from Leo, beyond the level of annoyance they can cause to others who don't understand how this sign works. I challenge anyone to find a person from Leo who cannot (or would not) take the role of leader if given the chance. It does not mean he / she will be a good at leading, but would certainly have the instinct needed to make a decision or choose a path others would shy away from following. Leo can often be thought of as impulsive and tight with power. Keeping control and deciding what's the right time to act are part of what Leo would want to do. Having others demanding explanations is not part of the fun as people from Leo would not know rationally why things have to be in a certain way but they are still certain that's the way to go.

What we all need to learn from Leo is that intuition is a powerful tool and it should not be confronted with reasoning or logics. The instinctive reaction we have all experienced at one time or another is a sample of the power of Leo in each of us and should be honoured rather than analysed. 

The month of Leo is a ripe time to connect with areas of our personal experience we normally treat in a mundane and unappreciated way; creativity needs to go beyond the superficiality of DIY and allow us to explore the important questions: who am I? what do I express about myself? how do I define myself? This is a month to explore the intuitive knowledge we have about ourselves and use it in practical and concrete ways to help us shape our identity and what we want to create for our future and contribute to society.

HIghlights for Leo this month

The transits during the last week of July are likely to exacerbate our need for personal space against collective urges but it is fundamental to remember that your individuality does not serve any purpose beyond fattening your ego if it cannot work towards the goals of the group. There are urgent concerns for world matters and instead of demanding personal acknowledgement, find creative alternatives to contribute to collective goals.

During the first week of August, Venus joins a strong planetary configuration that we have all been feeling for a while.  However its harmonious energy could offer a positive frame of mind to deal with those structures we want to release. It will be important to keep track of our personal demands and make reasonable adjustments that allow us to remember that we are not alone and we cannot expect others to follow the path we have chosen for ourselves.

The new moon on the second week of August is an opportunity to act upon those areas of our individuality we have failed to express creatively. Begin the week connecting with your emotional self and making the resolution to keep your feelings in check. This does not mean you need to go out of your way to feel but we often forget bottle up emotions which are then transferred to the wrong channels of expression. This is a good time to get rid of a bad habit and concentrate energy where it is needed most.

The third week of August is marked by an opposition between the Sun in Leo and Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius highlighting the need to use our personal energy towards altruistic and goals with the bonus of helping us heal our own wounds. Our personal wounds are healed in the extent we understand that they can be overcome by our capability to give and love others. To dwell in our sense of loss and misunderstanding can only increase our pain and isolation. This is a time to become part of the force of change and commitment instead of remaining detached.


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