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Lesser the Ego, more the Wisdom!

Updated on March 27, 2016

Let Ego dies....

Subdue the Ego to ascend to the Self!

With less and less ego, man gains more and more wisdom. Ego clings to the body while self reveals the Truth once we start relinquishing the false ego. Yes, ego is false self, which identifies with a perishing body and evanescent mind. The mind oscillates always. It is the desire which acts as a key to wind the spring which tries to unwind slowly due to the tension in the springs. The pendulum is connected to the rotating wheels and oscillating pulse created in the clock. At first, the pendulum remains at the center. Once the key is wound, we slowly pull the pendulum to one side. The weight of the pendulum acts as a motion and the connecting gears and wheels of the clock gives the momentum to oscillate. The pendulum thus moves for one full day and after the tension in the spring is completely released, it comes to rest. Then we say that the clock has stopped.

Thus, the desires trigger the pull and push over the mind which is enslaved by the senses and attracted to the body. The mind can not survive without a body and the body can not act on its own without a mind. This is the relationship between the body and the mind. On death, the last breath snatches the mind along with it in search of another suitable body to work out the past deeds. The cause and effect is eternal. Creation is also the result of some unknown, unseen cause. In between two aeons, there is an interval spanning some lakhs of years. It is said in the Hindu scriptures that the prime principle float on a leaf when everything in the world of creation is completely submerged. This is termed as “Pralaya” in Sanskrit language. This is like a buffer zone. Nothing remains except the cosmic soul. When another round of creation commences, the ego and mind manifest first. Then only creation can happen..

Desires are like the fuel to the fire. When man tries to satisfy the desires one by one, the fire rises more furiously demanding further fuel. Hence man is never content with sufficient wealth and properties. He craves for more and more. We desire the company of others. When it is from the opposite gender, it turns into infatuation. Hence man is perennially unhappy. When he tastes a food, he wants more of it. When he smells a perfume, he wants more varieties. Likewise, each sense enslaves the mind and the individual become weaker and weaker with indulgence with the sense objects. Business in the world thrives due to sensual attractions. The companies offer varieties of objects to attract the foolish ego filled, sense enslaved man. Every one knows that he can not satisfy his hunger or thirst in a stroke. The body demands minimum three times feeding. In between many beverages are taken in. Is he happy with the daily consumption? No he needs it again and again. He seeks varieties of pleasures like watching videos, news, games and the endless gossip and chit chats. Hence the social media has become a big hit. We want someone to interact with us always. More and more likes from the face book pages and profiles. In the end, none is happy and some people become addicts to the social platforms and they become depressed if there are no interactions!

Some people accumulate varieties of cars, posh bungalows with all luxury like a swimming pool and spacious garden etc. Still, they are unsatisfied. Some rich people acquire even small islands for them. Where is happiness or peace in these varieties? Hence, the philosophers of both East and West have found one great Truth! “Less luggage, more comforts make travel a pleasure! What I mention as ‘luggage’ are not only physical ones. The mental luggage is more cumbersome to carry! Hence relinquish your desire one by one. Have faith in the wisdom of ancient sages. They accost the ignorant worldly people and ask them to share their unwanted, unutilized wealth with the needy poor. In sharing lies the real happiness. Observe the glow in the face of a poor when he receives a dress or shoe. Observe the happiness of the young children when they are fed sumptuously at least once a day.

This is what Jesus proclaimed to one and all during his sojourn on earth. He never took anything. He loved all and shared his all with the humanity. He gave his precious life to protect us from our accumulated sins. At least from today onwards, let us feel others sufferings and alleviate them to the possible extent!

Finally, Saibaba has told the devotees, HELP EVER, HURT NEVER!


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