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Lesson from the Flood

Updated on November 18, 2017


Human beings are complex creatures. They change quickly and can commit evil at any time. Many people do not understand why God created them; hence, they do things without considering how He feels. God provided every good thing for the man. He provided food, animals, fruits, water, etc., for them, so that they will not complain of any lack. However, despite all that God has provided, humans still choose to do evil. From the time of creation of Adam and Eve until the time of Noah, the world has witnessed several unpleasant events necessitated by the evil desires of humankind. Thus, God decided to bring to an end the world as a whole. Had human beings behaved well, God would not have thought of annihilating the world. Nevertheless, the presence of Noah brought hope to the world.

Noah the righteous

God saw Noah as an honest man. He did not see any man except him. Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. These children of Noah had their wives with them. Nevertheless, at this time, the entire world had been plunged in sin; with the majority of the population practicing same-sex relationship. All kinds of sexual immoralities and violence prevailed at that time, but God found favor in Noah. Therefore, He commanded him to make an ark, to prevent him and his household from a deluge. Although Noah attempted to call the people to repentance, his efforts did not yield fruit as they all paid deaf ears to his pleas. This attitude was precisely the reason God chose to destroy the earth by flood. Had they repented of their evil deeds, God would not have thought about the destruction but instead, they continued with their sin, and God said, "I regret that I created man" (Genesis 6:7).

God instructed Noah to make an ark, and He gave specific instructions about the dimensions of the ark. The ark was to accommodate all the household of Noah and the animals within his house. Noah acted according to the instructions, and he began the process of construction.

Misuse of opportunities

Moses narrated in Genesis chapter 6:1-4, about the marriage between the sons of God and the daughters of men. God wanted man to procreate, and to fill the earth with life. After the death of Abel, God gave more children to Adam and Eve, among whom was Seth. The marriage in this verse was between the children of Seth and the children from the other families. This union brought the population of the earth to a reasonable number.

Man had the opportunity to procreate and receive blessings but decided to misuse the opportunity. You give a man a chance; he will take chances; give him a chance to excel; he will do something else. Many people that are working today got their jobs from those who sympathize with them, but sometimes, the beneficiary of such benevolence would do something different to ruin their organization. Make good use of your opportunities. You do not need to align with the devil to harm your team or friend. The privileges that God gave to the men in the time of Noah were all lost when they started to tolerate hatred and violence (Genesis 6:11).

Think about a moment in your life, when you had an opportunity to do good, but decided to do evil. Someone told us a story about a man who got a security job in a company. In fact, three days after he started the job, he decided to connive with some of his friends to rob the business. Anyway, the police foiled his attempt to steal, and today, he no longer works for that company. Many of us are like this man; we do things that are not good when we are supposed to do something useful.

Put on a different trait

Glory to God, that we had someone like Noah at that time. Despite the sins that pervaded the world, a man made a difference. God declared Noah, the only righteous man on earth at that time. You too can make a difference in your workplace today; you can set a good example.

We cannot tolerate evil as a norm in the society. Put on a different trait. Some of us are looking for an opportunity to sin. It is now a norm in some places to steal money from an organization. People are no longer satisfied with their salaries. The moment you have a job, people will tell you that it is an opportunity for you to excel. They are not after the remunerations you will receive, but instead, they are thinking of the amount of money you will steal to share to them. I had a chat with a friend sometimes in the past. He had searched for a job for a couple of years but only got one a few months ago. He is always complaining, and most times, it’s about how he could work in a department where he can make extra money.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, please, always endeavor to make a difference. Put on a new trait that will speak well of you. Be content with the salary you have. Be satisfied with what you have now. Do not destroy your relationship with God because of your desire to get rich quick. The Bible says, "What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?" (Mark 8:36). Similarly, another place in the Bible reads, "Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and “all” other things shall be added to you" (Mathew 6:33).


The flood remains an issue of concern to this day. Sin caused the surge, and crime will still prevent many from entering the kingdom of God. Make good use of your opportunities and avoid stealing and illicit relationships. God wants you to make a difference.

May God help you to succeed in Jesus name, Amen.


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