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Let Archangel Michael Help

Updated on February 21, 2011

Ask The Angels To help You

You can ask the Angels to help you whenever you need help or direction, and it's a very simple process.

Just ask them. No need for candles, incense or any mantras or ohm's. Just your heartfelt asking.

There are many angels and archangels around us right now (and always), and archangel Michael is one of them.

Archangel Michael's name means "He who is like unto God" and he can help you with protection against toxic people and situations, helps you get rid of fears and worries and brings you courage and a feeling of safety. He can also help you with your life purpose, help you to connect with your passions and assist you in your career. He brings you emotional support and can boost your self confidence if you ask him.

As always when we ask the Angels to help, end the prayer/request with:"let it all happen in a harmonious way for everyone involved" and "thy will be done" to be sure your intentions are from your soul on every level.(thy=your true self/God)

It's really that simple - you communicate with them from the most loving place in your heart, like when you talk with your very best friends. Tell them about all your desires and dreams and ask for your highest good to be revealed to you.

They are not our servants, but they are here to guide us and help us to make the right choices, so treat them with respect and love- just as you would with your best friends.

And yes, they do perform miracles too...

If you let them help, they will - but you have to use your free will to ask them.

I usually sit quietly and just talk with them, and I let it all out - sometimes I cry when I'm spilling it all out because I really feel their presence and I know they are listening to me. It feels so indescribably good, it just can't be described with words, it has to be to experienced. It's like... Love. Pure Love.

Just take a minute or two, relax and just begin to talk, out loud or in your mind - I do it loudly myself.

And then, when you have communicated and shared with the angels for as long as you need. Sometimes I talk with them for a few minutes (or even seconds, when I need instant help with something fast) and sometimes for a whole hour.

Listen within, but don't look for the answer. Breath, relax, decide to let go of it all, decide to have given the angels the matter of your heart and go on enjoying your life as best you can despite any challenges, and always have the attitude of expectancy of having your best buddies there right by your side, helping you, guiding you, and lovingly directing you.

They are always near. Now invite them into your life. Use your free will.

Maria Erving


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    • MariaErving profile image

      Maria Erving 6 years ago from

      Thank you Donna! I'm glad you liked it:-) Yes, it's so true; we only need to use our free will and simply ASK!

    • Donna Suthard profile image

      Donna Suthard 6 years ago

      Maria, I enjoyed your article. I studied a Course in miracles, I am still a student. I had many mystical experiences as a result. I began going to Angelic gatherings in Austin, and I began to channel "Raphael"..God and the angels always help us if we ask for help! Thank you!