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Let Jesus Possess You!

Updated on September 26, 2023
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I am Mrs Lawretta Ayodeji White; a minister of God with a Law degree. A lover of Jesus Christ. I love life and live it to the full God's way

I love life and I specifically love my life but let the truth be told; life is not a bed of roses, life is not a game, life is not a myth; life is real, practical and realistically spiritual. believe it or not, everyone needs more than just their physical being to successfully scale through life’s phases.

Let Jesus possess you. I have come to realise that people do get possessed in one way or the other by the many different kinds of spirits that exists in this world but I recommend that you allow Jesus be the one to possess you.

There is a big difference between the spirit of God and other kinds of spirits. The difference between God’s spirit and other kinds of spirits is evidenced in their individual abilities, capabilities and even their capacity to assist a person.

Life is a market place; it is busy and packed with people of all shapes, sizes and background. Everyone is busy buying and/or selling. To standout of the crowd, many have sort spiritual means to help them get ahead in life and to reach the top of their careers faster. Also, some people have resorted to spiritual means to equip them in readiness for the different phases of life.

Some people use dark powers, for instance; ‘witchcraft’ as a guide spirit to get through life. Some have other spirits and devices they depend on; for instance, some depend on the powers of the moon, some from marine spirits and some others even go as far as obtaining spiritual assistance from the grave also referred to as the ‘spirit of the dead’.

In many cases, when a bad spirit possesses a person, they cause trauma, and many require you to provide them with life draining incentives to assist a person. From experience, the most cost effective, easiest, low risk and success guaranteed route is when you are possessed by the spirit of God. This means when the spirit of God dwells in you, lives in you or is resident inside your body.

Some of you may curiously be thinking: Can Jesus possess a person? The answer is: O yes, he can and he does! Jesus is a spirit. Spirits possess the bodies of humans and so; Jesus the spirit God can possess an individual. I am possessed by the spirit of Jesus. Possession simply means to take control, to take charge, to own or lay claim to something or someone.

In layman’s terminology, I would describe being possessed by a spirit as when a spirit different from your own spirit lays claim to you and dwells in you, using your body as its habitation, as its residence or house. With reference to the bible; (1Corithians 6:19); it says that “our body is the temple of the lord.” This means that our body is God’s house, his habitation, his dwelling place. The bible makes us understand that our bodies was from inception designed to house our spirit and God’s spirit.

Your life’s achievements, outcomes and consequences are as a result of the spirit possessing you. When a bad spirit, for instance ‘witchcraft spirit’ possesses a person; the outcome and repercussions are devastatingly different in comparison to when Jesus possesses you. It’s True!

When the spirit of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ possesses you, also referred to as the ‘Holy Spirit’; your life becomes much more productive, fruitful and organised. This is true because the bible makes us understand in 1Corinthians 14:33; that ‘God is a God of Order’. So, when the spirit of the lord possesses you, he orders your life aright. He structures and arranges your life. He cleans, organises and tidies you up. You literarily become a brand-new person.

I am possessed by the spirit of Jesus Christ called the holy spirit. My life is at peace. I am ahead in everything I do. I am pre-informed by the spirit of events surrounding me. I am literarily in the ‘Know’ because the holy spirit lives inside of me.

So, friends; I strongly recommend that you invite Jesus to possess you today. You cannot afford to go on with life without the unfailing assisting power and presence of the holy spirit. You need the guardians of the holy spirit to see you through life’s sudden surprises.

Jesus is God in the flesh. Jesus is God closer to mankind and Jesus loves you. Invite him into your heart today he will answer you when you call on him. The bible says; call upon me and I will answer you. (Jeremiah 33:3)

Give Jesus a chance today, make him your friend, let him be the one to possess you, he is the good guy. His desire, will and thoughts for mankind is that of peace and not of evil to give us all a satisfactory end. (Jeremiah 29:11). God bless you


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