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Let Us All Give Thanks For Victories Won

Updated on June 18, 2013

Let Us all Give Thanks For Victories Won

Let us all give thanks for the victories won,

For precious gifts from God's Heavenly Son.

For prayers answered and those yet to be,

And for love of the Father Who set us free.

How can we praise One of not flesh or bone?

Give Thanks to Him for not leaving us alone.

Countless times we have gone to His Son,

To plead for mercy from the Heavenly One.

How many times has He pulled us from the pit,

Through no fault of His we had fallen into it.

For all He has done when life gets so tough,

Through eons of time we can't thank Him enough.

We will offer Him praise and a heart full of love,

And a blessed future forever in heaven above..

So many gifts He has sent to us here on earth

To the day of our passing from the day of birth !

Now how can we fail to offer Him great praise,

Each day of our life and for all of our days?

We come to You,Father ,through Jesus right now,

To the Great King of Heaven we so humbly bow!

clara kish


What would we do when things went wrong and we

had no one to turn to ,no one to tell all of our

troubles to?.there are times when we need

someone to talk to .You know those times when

you need the comfort of telling someone your

troubles and not being afraid the world will

hear of all of our fears and maybe guilt, it may

be something that you would be sorry if it

would ever come out in the open ,God does

not condemn,He just wants to help.Do you

know the God that I am speaking of ? If you

don't now is a good time to get acquainted

with Him. You will never be sorry!


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