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Let us await for the glorious 'second coming'!

Updated on July 28, 2014

Sathya Sai Era once again!

Many a time, I hesitated to embark on actions out of fear of failure. Some of us have such inhibitions and imaginations. Why should we worry about the outcome? It is our duty to act. Why worry beforehand what will happen in the end? Be doing what you conceive as your duty. Many a time we fumble and fail due to fear. Had the ride been smooth, there is every possibility for accidents. Hence ‘speed breakers’ are introduced in many highways to slow down the traffic and to inculcate caution in the mind of drivers. In a similar way, God prevents us from unwanted hurry. Saibaba has once said, “Start Early, Drive slowly and reach SAFELY! This is all the more vital. Many people hurry since they want quick results. Better slow down and be prudent to negotiate calmly. I am not talking about journeys alone. It is life’s journeys which take us too many destinations. Of course, the first choice has been made by man. He opted for the ‘forbidden apple’. He had landed in a mess and that first option is regretted by many of his progeny. Yes, we are all the descendants of the first couple. Had they chosen wisely, we would not find ourselves in a great mess. Yes, the situation in the world today is really pathetic. The darkness of Kaliyug has enveloped every individual in the world and it is expressed in strife, hatred, unrest, poverty, ill health, man made wars and natural calamities.

Has any one in the world is happy about the situations prevailing in the world! The media depicts many accidents by way of fire, bombing and other terror activities. People have no compassion in their mind. They are deeply engrossed in ‘utter selfishness’. The leaders too are one among us. They never descend from the heaven. They are ordinary individuals like you and me. They have their prejudices against others, they want to amass wealth at the cost of the poor, and they want to enjoy power and pelf till their death. They stash millions of dollars or pounds of unaccounted black money in tax havens in many countries where none questions about the source of money. Thus, we have many billionaires who were once dictators in their countries! Now, we watch those trials in public space. We talk about “Arab uprising”. These are all natural culmination for the atrocities committed by few leaders against the peace loving ordinary citizens. Hence there is lot of uprising of public anger in Western Asia. None is able to solve that crisis which is very complicated. Even the World bodies find it very difficult to broker peace in strife ridden countries. Almost all those countries are losing innocent citizens caught in between the warring factions. Women and children are worst affected. The UN is a silent witness since they don’t have the resources to mediate between the warring factions. The funding to UN is from Capital states. In the political drama, funds are not provided to UN as envisaged. Every body cries “peace but the authorities are always in favor of embarking on operations and counter operations.

Remember that fire can not be doused by fire. It can be doused only by water. If the leaders are honest and unbiased, the world would not have descended to such abysmal situations. In the ancient days, in India many emperors have ruled the country honestly and selflessly. The preceptors and wise ministers always counseled the King about his duties to keep the citizens in peace and happiness. Kings performed many rituals guided by those virtuous preceptors and there were timely rains. Cattle wealth flourished. The granaries were full and none suffered due to poverty. Houses have no doors since there was no fear of theft. Every one was virtuous. People today talk about “Rama Rajya” when Rama finally ascended the throne after spending fourteen years in forest as per the promise given to queen Kaikeyi! People in Rama Rajya were prosperous, led virtuous life for hundreds of years. But due to the sliding into errors by some, Rama banished even his dear queen Sita to the forest when she was on the family way. Rama had to fulfill his duties towards his Kingdom first and he has chosen to sacrifice her. Rama is known as an embodiment of Righteousness. He lived in righteousness in every sphere of his life whether towards the parents, the preceptors, the brothers, the mothers and finally towards his wife also. He guarded her for all the years but the demon Ravana cunningly abducted her and kept her in custody in a garden in the present Sri Lanka. Ultimately due to the efforts of fearless Hanuman, Rama had found out her whereabouts and after planning meticulously, Rama embarked on war with Ravana and killed him and his clan of demons. Sita was brought in front of Rama but Rama didn’t accept her as she came! He ordered Lakshmana to start fire and asked Sita to enter into the fire and come unscathed so that the world will believe about her integrity! Only such great incarnations can rescue the world from the darkness of Kaliyuga. Sai devotees around the world are eagerly awaiting for the ‘second coming’ of Sathya Sai Baba soon in the same form to save the world from utter destruction!


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