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Let us become More Humane!

Updated on April 22, 2013

Service to man is service to God!

Non interference in other's affairs!

Sometimes I wonder where the world is heading. Not only the people, but the Nations too have become selfish. In spite of United Nations Organization, countries interfere on the internal affairs of other countries brazenly. The so called law makers have become law breakers. It is not easy for a President to act as per his conscience. The dynamics of politics force them to act in certain ways. When a Nation interferes in the affairs of other nation on the pretext of solving their problems, there are some underlying agendas for the same! Now let us examine who are the real beneficiaries?

It may be seen that only oil rich countries are targeted in most of the cases. Be it Iraq or Iran or other countries, their oil wealth is the attraction for interference. To support such brazen interference, the authorities invent cock and bull stories to justify their interference. This is not the first time in the history of the world such interference takes place. We have seen that in the earlier century, in the name of Colonies, many countries were occupied forcibly by other countries. They enter surruptiously as trading companies and by crooked means lay seize of the Nation and enslave the people there.

India is a case point when the British entered as East India Trading Company. All the resources were plundered and the people were made to work as slaves. Raw materials were sent to England and other places at cheap rates and costly woven mill cloths were brought it. There was no justice absolutely for the perpetration of Colonies. Many countries in the world have suffered due to the practice mostly the African countries. Many poor Africans were forcefully enslaved and taken to work in plantations and other places as cheap labor. They were treated mostly in a worst manner and we see today that those Countries which colonized many other countries are rich. They earned the entire wealth due to the sweat and toil of the poorest of the world.

Man is considered as the most intelligent of all the species but unfortunately today the human beings lack ‘human virtues and human values’ Even after the advent of Buddha and Jesus, people have become ego filled and lead a materialistic life. Are we going to live forever in this world enjoying the wealth and luxuries we garnered by foul means? We should share our excess resources with the poor and downtrodden. Even those who earn billions of rupees in trade and business have realized the potential of helping the poor, feeding the hungry, providing medical care to the people who suffer due to fatal diseases. Giving, sharing and sacrificing are the greatest virtues of human beings. Even if you are not able to share money, you can always alleviate other woes by loving words, small helps which will not cost a penny. Give a helping hand to the handicapped persons. Guide the blind people across busy roads. If someone is hungry, we can always give him some pieces of bread. If there is severe weather, we can donate a blanket or so. Look at your wardrobe! How many unused garments are lying or hanging there for months. We can always give them in charities or other organizations which collect them and distribute them to the needy. If we look at the dinner table after a lavish party, the left over will suffice to feed the hunger of several people.

Hence, think over the ways by which we can become helpful to others! This will give us joy and satisfaction. Share your love with all. Share your food and clothes with the needy. Even we can share the medicines that has become surplus through some voluntary health care organizations. We have not taken birth in the world for our sake alone. We have to take care of the society as well. In this way, Sathya Sai Baba has shown the world that monumental works can be done if only love and service are our aim!


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