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Let us become beautiful Jewels!

Updated on October 19, 2016

Gold purified in crucibles.

Jewel making process!

The degree of pain or suffering varies in each individual. Even people who are comparatively better placed than others feel that their sorrows are more! They are not aware of the sufferings of people in the lowest rung, people who are poor, people who can’t afford anything and people who sweat for few morsels of food. While the middle class people who are better off in terms of food, clothing and other amenities complain that they are suffering, it clearly show that they never compare their position with those of economically disadvantaged people. Hence, never compare with people who are in the higher rung. The main lacuna is that ‘we don’t count our blessings’.

If we want to live happily in this world, we have to thank god for various blessings which we don’t feel. If we are in good health, we won’t appreciate our good health. Only when we fall ill, we clamor to get better and take medicines. In the scarce time, the necessity of water is greatly felt. When we regularly get adequate water, we won’t appreciate the importance of water. Same case with peace and harmony! Where there is great strife and hatred due to incessant war, people living there pray for peace and harmony. Only during the absence of things, we could appreciate the real value of things. This is the general psychology of all human beings! I can quote one or two examples here. For instance, you have a lump of gold in your possession and your wife wants a nice necklace made out of it. You will go to a goldsmith, hand over the lump of gold and ask him to prepare a beautiful necklace of required design and shape. Once you hand over the gold to the goldsmith, do you spend sleepless nights thinking about the process to which the goldsmith subjects the gold? First, he will put the gold in burning fire and heat it to considerable degree and it will become liquid form. Then the liquid will be poured to required mold or made into shapes in small anvils. What happens is that during the liquid state, the impurities are removed and he will add appropriate material to enable the gold to become jewels. Pure gold cannot be made into any ornaments. Hence a little amount of copper or brass or cadmium is added to make it amenable to work. Then only small wires or thin flats could be drawn out of the liquid gold through the crucible.

The purpose of human sufferings

We are all legal heirs to Kingdom of God.

In a similar manner, when we hand over ourselves to god, it is his look out to shape us into good ornaments like. We cannot enforce any condition to god like, ‘do not make me suffer, do not give me pain or do not torture my mind? Once we surrender ourselves to god, we cannot impose any such conditions. He will do whatever is required to transform you into a beautiful jewel like character! It is ridiculous if we impose condition to the goldsmith that the lump of gold should not be put on fire or shaped into wires or strips. How can we get the jewel if the goldsmith keeps the gold as a lump? Every human being needs great transformation in order to evolve into Divine! We are all legal heirs to the Kingdom of God! But to claim that, we need to become perfect children of God! We must imbibe all human virtues and values such as Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence! Then only, we can become true heirs to God’s kingdom! When we practice all human values, we become eligible to seek the Kingdom of God.

All babies are equated to God since babies have no selfishness in them. All babies love everyone. They don’t have the ego developed in them. Only after few months, moving with one and all, the baby starts imitating the behavior of its parents and other siblings. Thus the baby slowly develops a little selfishness and the ego starts growing in it. During such time, the babies become adamant and demanding. When god created man, he entrusted a pure heart in each one. By involving himself in the world, man gathers all dust and soot! But god wants the same pure heart returned to him when we die! But our hearts have become impure and selfishness has creeped in and pure love leaves us in the process. Hence we suffer rebirths again and again in this world. Hence we must make all out efforts to return god, the same pure heart with which we were blessed initially! Lust, anger, greed, pride and miserliness enter our makeup, completely hiding up the spark of Divine in us. Unless all these veils are removed, we cannot realize our real identity with the supreme self. Every day, we perform several tasks. Outwardly, this seems to be a mundane one, but when we start surrendering the effects of all such tasks to god, the tasks become purified. Whenever we embark upon a task, we always desire for success in our efforts. This is the basic flaw. Just be doing your duties by offering the results to God. In this process, the duties get sanctified and no merit or sin will accrue to us. In course of time, our inner conscious will be rendered pure and we become beautiful jewels like.

Sufferings purify the soul

Less luggage, more comfort!

This is the best way to spend our time on earth. On the contrary, people toil day and night to earn wealth and acquire properties. They marry, beget children and start hankering more and more to cater to the needs of growing family. Thus man is entangled in never ending tasks, undergoing suffering more often. Since he craves for more and more, his sufferings too grow more and more. Ultimately, he loses his precious peace. If we want to live peacefully, we must reduce our desires. Desires are weighty luggage. “Less luggage, more comfort, make travel a pleasure” is the slogan written in all compartments of Indian Railways. They not only refer the physical luggage one carries during travel, the slogan also refers to the mental luggage we always carry such as our desires, ambitions, plans and aims! Hence, more than the physical luggage, let us reduce our mental luggage to become peaceful in life.

Less luggage, more comfort!

Reducing our luggage mentally!

Is it fair to burden our mind with more and more luggage?

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