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Let's Talk About the Church

Updated on January 19, 2011

Whats Done In the Dark Comes to the Light


Let’s talk about the church, recently I came across a hub that asked the question is the church just a money making institution in the 21st century? It was a very short hub but the writer did make a good point because from childhood to now I was raised attending church every Sunday with my family and sometimes during the week. You notice things as a child but when you grow into adulthood you notice and understand a lot more.

A Church Competition Non Stop


What I understood throughout my church attending or visiting of other  churches that weren’t my home church was how they were all of the same body and speaking the same things but yet the one most important thing on their minds were being the best church. I was raised in a Christian church atmosphere and if these preachers I came in contact with had any one thing that was shared more than anything else including the word it was the fact that they had to top the other churches by any means necessary. Let’s talk about the church where the pastor and his wife had to have a better home, a better car, a better bigger place of worship, and even a better church congregation. Having all these things meant major church growth which meant major income growth but income growth for who?  After the churches bills are paid there are still funds left over that don’t necessarily go towards church programs so it might be safe to say that the left over funds go to the church pastors especially if the only job they hold is that of pastoring.

Praying Things Back the Way They Were

The old church
The old church

Get It Together People


Now the church congregation is probably in an uproar because they think I’m down talking all the pastors or making false accusations, hold it a second if this is not your church or pastor than you are not being referenced to. However there are many churches where the members would actually say there have been times when they couldn’t pay their rent or feed their families or even afford to go on a trip the church was planning yet they absolutely did not receive any help from the church as they should have. Let’s talk about the church because you have the usher board, mothers’ board, choir, building fund members and other departments of the church raising money where nobody can see where the funding is actually going towards.

I believe that the churches should put into effect a rule or law that devoted members of the congregation who have been with the church for a period of time can actually have access to view financial records or request proof of what all the raised money is going towards, I do believe that the church has an obligation to take care of the pastor but it shouldn’t go as far as putting your pastor up in a lavished mansion driving a Benz while you’re living on skid row waiting every fifteen minutes to an hour for another bus to get you where you’re going. Let’s talk about the church where for many it has become something just for entertainment.


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