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If Pulpits Could Talk

Updated on February 19, 2017

Dear Preacher,

I have refrained from writing this letter to you for some time now. Actually, I waited to see if you would get the revelation from God to refrain from doing what you have been doing as you have stood behind what some people call the "sacred desk."

The time has come when I can no long remain silent.

This is not to put you down, embarrass you or to make you feel guilty. It is to help you help the congregation who have come to church to hear a word from God.

Do Not Disrespect the Sacred Desk

The main reason for the sacred desk is for the Word of God to be preached. Nothing should be said to dishonor the sacred desk.

Preacher, because you stand behind me, everything you say should bear witness to what I believe. That means every word should be true. Speak no lies behind me. If you do so, you are telling the congregation that I approve of what you are saying. I cannot approve of lies at all. So, please stop standing behind me and telling lies.

Stop Pulpit Bullying

Preacher, I have noticed that you have used me as a platform to do what is called "pulpit bullying." You have called out certain people in the congregation to bully them. You have talked about their confidential situations without calling their names; however, the subtle clues you gave make the person and others know who you were talking about. Then, sometimes preacher, you have been bold enough to call the person's name when he was sitting right there listening to you. However, you didn't seem to care.

You were caught up in your dialogue that you probably didn't know that the man or woman you were talking about walked out of the church during your rants. Likewise, you probably haven't noticed that the people you talked about last month haven't returned to church since then.

We try to teach children in school about bullying, but you, preacher, stand behind me Sunday after Sunday and do the same thing to their parents. Please stop pulpit bullying!

Sometimes A Pulpit Doesn''t Agree With What Is Said Behind It

Just because I am there with you, it does not mean I agree with everything I hear you say. I disagree that it is all right to preach to the entire congregation about what you want to counsel one person about.

So often I have heard you take one person's issue and lay it on the entire congregation. That's not fair. God is not pleased, and neither am I. I have to stand there and listen to you. If you want to say something to one person, invite him into the office for individual counseling. I don't want to hear it during a worship service and neither does the entire congregation.

Sometimes I wish you were not standing behind me because you are making me look bad. Please be considerate of me whom you stand behind. Also, be considerate of the people in your congregation who would rather hear a word from God instead of hearing you criticizing someone in your church.

Pulpit Emotions and Expressions

Preacher, because you are not in tune me, apparently you cannot feel my emotions. Because you are standing behind me, you cannot see my expressions. However, my expressions change many times during your delivery.

I become sad when you do not rightly divide the word of God. If you make minor mistakes once in a while, it is understandable, but when you preach YOU instead of Jesus Christ most of the time, I frown.

When you put yourself above God, I weep. Instead of saying what the Bible says about what God wants, you tell the congregation what you want.

When you use me to get your ungodly points across, I frown, I weep, and I mourn.

What Other Pulpits Are Saying

Whether you are aware of it or not, pulpits have friends. They talk among themselves usually on Sunday evenings when your sermon is fresh on their minds. They share what they have heard preachers say behind them earlier in the day.

On many occasions, pulpits discover that have heard the same sermons even though they are miles apart. Many of the sermons are verbatim because they were copied from the internet word for word. Even the personal illustrations are the same. While it is acceptable to get inspiration from other preachers, it is not always good to go to the internet and copy entire sermons.

Preachers should realize that if they can read a sermon on the internet, then so can their parishioners. Why should they go to church to hear what they have already read on the internet just like you did? In a way, you are minimizing the intelligence of your congregation.

List of My Oughts as a Pulpit

  • Not always rightly dividing the word
  • Telling lies while standing behind me
  • Pulpit bullying
  • Criticizing the whole congregation because of one person
  • Sermons taken directly from the internet on a regular basis

Pulpit Appeal

Since I am a permanent fixture in your church, it is likely that I will be there for a long time. If you continue preaching, more than likely, you will continue to stand behind me. Since that is the case, I am encouraging you to refrain from doing those aforementioned fallacies.

I want to continue standing in front of you as you stand behind me, but I can no longer sanction lies, distorted information, pulpit bullying, and regular sermons from Google.

Surely, I am just a piece of furniture, but I stand for so much more. I am a symbol of sacredness and holiness. Once you stand behind me, I expect you to remember that.

Peace and Blessings,
The Pulpit You Stand Behind


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