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Letting The Mind Wander

Updated on March 20, 2011


I sat down one day with paper, and a pencil. I wrote down my thoughts, and ended up basically talking to myself for a while. I wrote it all down. 


Life is in essence as individual as snow flakes.

We live surrounded by each other, yet essentially detached.

We converse, come together to socialise, enjoy each others company, or not.

We interact sporadically and forget. Move on and do it all again.

Does it have any meaning?

We communicate, separate, move on, and forget - most things.

Occasionally we have a moment, for generally in the scale of time in a life

it is but a moment. But at the time we have no basis, no concept of time.

We share the moment in life with another, the moment where we forget.

There is nobody but you and them. totally alone in a crowded room.

The moment we will reflect upon in the future.

The moment that will pop into our minds long after it has passed and stop us mid flight.

But what meaning can be taken from that moment, if indeed any can be conceived at all.

Is it simply a matter of a moment where both parties simultaneously lower

their defenses and allow it to take place.

Is it just an effect of substances that may be influencing us at the time, and therefore

the moment means nothing at all. Or do those substances just make the moment a lil easier to reach? Or maybe its irrelevant.. and the meaning differs not at all...

Perhaps its deeper... A temporary fusion of kindred spirits, where communication and interactions transcend the physical realm and occurs at all levels of consciousness, rendering the moment spiritual.

Never the less these moments do occur on occasion and at the least should remind us of the possibilities. The possibilities that we may not always be alone. the possibility that we may one day meet someone, with whom you can connect with in this way at will. The possibility that maybe there is more to our interactions with others. Of course there is also the possibility that im totally wrong and just thinking like a dog chasing its tail....

our minds play tricks on us like that. because sometimes we just need something to hold onto, and in the absence of something real, we we just create it and believe its real.

At the end of the day anything can be real to us if we believe it to be.

Is it then possible for us to imagine the consequences of a possible course of action we may take, and live through those consequences in our minds....

We may take benefit from the experience as if we had walked along that path every step of the way. could we then get to a point where we can enrich our lives through experiences we didn't physically have, experiences we never really lived through, except for in our minds.

If we truly do 'live' through it in our minds, is it any less relevant to our lives because we didn't physically take part?

If we can mentally, spiritually and conciously place ourselves in that position.

I believe we can live it, i believe that i have put myself into the positions of others in my mind, and rather unexpectedly experienced the emotional and mental responses that that person was feeling.

Is this why we cry while watching sad movies, or when hearing a sad story..

Is this not an instance of living through an experience without physically taking part..

The emotional responses to situations like these is an indication that these experiences we create in our minds can have a profound effect, a sometimes lasting effect on us as people. As society as a whole grows toward accepting a more spiritual consciousness we become more willing to try new things, our minds open up more and more.

We begin to want more, we question the previously established parameters of life as a whole and perhaps more importantly ourselves.

Our experiences as humans, as people could grow to the point where we can transcend our wildest dreams.

At the very least we could increase our understanding of almost anything we wanted to.

In doing so we could increase our capacity for empathy and reduce the struggling and suffering of our fellow man. We could focus less on the problem and more on the solution, learn from the past and grow for the future.


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    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

      Interesting thoughts. Worth thinking about some more. Thank you for sharing them.