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Letty's Daily Reading: The Queen of Cups

Updated on January 2, 2016

The Queen of Cups


Queen of Cups

For today's reading, I will be using the Bohemian Gothic Tarot, a fantastic deck that is dark, lovely, and a little bit romantic. This deck is largely Victorian-era in its imagery and references and often refers to classic horror figures (such as Nosferatu and Frankenstein). It follows a classic Rider-Waite symbolsm and is fairly easy for new readers to understand.

As a way to jump into the reading, I'll give a quick description of the card and what I notice first:

In this deck, the Queen of Cups is reclining backward, her arms behind her head, a harp in her lap. She wears a blue dress, has long, blonde hair, wears several necklaces, and at her feet is a goblet. The card is largely dark, as the Queen is sitting in a murky area, a raven by her side, but the clouds are breaking and shafts of light come through, illuminating her face and the water behind her. A castle is in the background, to her right, and a tangle of some kind of flower surrounds her goblet. The mood overall seems reflective, gothic, and romantic, but not particularly melancholy.

Deeper Meaning

The Queen card is a court card (consisting of pages, knights, queens, and kings, though some variations exist in Thoth-based decks), which usually indicates an aspect of personality or a particular person in one's life. While the Major Arcana points to major life points or spiritual concerns and the numbered cards refer to stages or events in life, the court cards are about personality. Queens are the nurturing, adult, feminine energy in the tarot deck (though "feminine" doesn't necessarily mean "woman") and are often the "social" aspect of oneself. The cups traditionally relate to emotions, dreams, intuition, and those "watery" parts of the self that are changeable and unstable.

The queen card is a "mature" emotional card, one in which a feminine figure has emotional awareness and the ability to nurture both herself and those around her. The queen is often associated with the arts, such as music, painting, and poetry. She is also a lover of the sensual (though not as much as the Queen of Pentacles!).

In this particular deck, the harp in the Queen's lap indicates this artistic element of the card: this is the part of my personality that isn't afraid to be vulnerable and to create. Although the card at first seems serene with the queen's arms back, her face enraptured, the clouds and water behind her indicate the possibility of a storm. Perhaps the light peeking through the clouds indicates insight that comes from the tranquility after a storm of emotions and the ability to "put the pieces back together" after an emotional breakdown.

In a reading, a Queen of Cups can sometimes indicate another person in a client's life. This person would possess characteristics given above, such as the ability to nurture, the ability to emotionally engage with the world without overwhelm, and the ability to be in touch with one's emotions (often through art or expression).

For me, I see this card as being about embracing the nurturing, loving, creative parts of myself and being open to emotion influencing my art and expression.

Queen of Cups

Advice for Readers

When you get a Queen of Cups in a reading, think about the client's question: could this card be indicating another person or an aspect of the client's self? My reading style tends to point to aspects of the self being the dominant interpretation, but it's important to take the client's lead here and really think about what a client is asking. If you use additional divination, such as pendulums, these can help clarify.

The queen is a mature manifestation of an emotional state: largely, this is a tranquil card that doesn't indicate emotional instability. When a client receives this card and it relates to them, it points to the possibility of understanding, nurturing, and joy.

Final Words

Thank you all for the read, and good luck as you read tarot both for yourself and others! Please feel free to leave comments letting me know your thoughts about my daily reading :)


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