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Levels of spiritual development # 2: Red level of spiritual development

Updated on February 17, 2018

Our spiritual development starts from the red level. This applies to both the entire series of reincarnations, and each new reincarnation. Therefore, once again cautioning everybody against manifestations of spiritual pride, I want to say: none of us has escaped the red level of spiritual development, as none of us has escaped the infant age.

Being on the initial stages of the red level of spiritual development, the personality (the Lower Self) is forced to adapt to both: the surrounding world and the society. Thus, the "red personality's" ability to survive is even less than the animals'.

This is really so. Being in the natural environment, the animal already has the "knowledge" of what is necessary for surviving. Instincts help them. A human does not have such knowledge in an amount enough for survival. The human infant is one of the most helpless creatures. In addition, the personality (the Lower Self) is very dependent on the society.

"The Reds" have a very simple mental organization. The mobility of nervous processes is very weak, so they think very slowly.

Therefore, unambiguity in everything that happens is very important for the Reds. They are not capable of analysis and they are not interesting in it. They do not work in the field of science, they are not interested in esotericism or questions of personal growth.

There is a special industry focused on the Reds: special TV shows, where they are taught to live; advertising, which says them which goods to choose; stores where they can buy simple goods and save; serials with a slow development of the plot, etc.

Features of the Reds should be taken into account when communicating and when hiring. Reds are not capable of analysis, but they can follow instructions exactly and methodically. The lack of internal dialogue allows them to cope successfully with monotonous work.

The Reds have strong instincts. If you go with the Red for hunting or fishing, the event will be successful. The main karmic task at the red level of spiritual development is to learn how to survive in specific conditions.

What do you need to survive? The minimum level: food, clothing, being among your own kind. Being on the red level, we "work through" these three tasks.

So, firstly the Reds learn to earn money (to extract resources). The next step is the development of skills that can be converted into resources.

The Reds are not sure what they can earn, so they do not believe in their own skills, but they believe in cash or material resources. Like squirrels they all the time strive for making purveyance, because they think that purveyance can provide stability. They store the simplest food, "accumulate for a rainy day".

The Reds like to do home conservation. Of course, representatives of other levels of spiritual development can also make house conservation. The main thing here is the motive.

It is extremely important for the Reds to be accepted in their society. The main principle is "do not stand out, otherwise you will be expelled from the flock and you may die of hunger". This can be called "white crow's syndrome".

The Reds are not leaders. On the contrary, they like when they have a leader (most often it's the Yellow), which can manage and protect them. If the yellow leader does not keep his promises, the Reds easily go to another leader. At whatever level of spiritual development our Higher Self is, the red stage is in the life of each of us. It lasts untill 12 years old. We learn to survive, serve ourselves, socialize.

"Red Tails" and what to do with them

We stoped our previous conversation by saying that "Red Tail" is the lack of a confident survival skills. It can be manifested, for example, in fear that you will not have money or in fear of "losing face." The presence of the "red tail" prevents us from evolving further. This can be called "white crow's syndrome".

The most common "red" fears include the fear of not surviving physically and the fear of losing contact with the social.

Of course, these fears have a more modern "coloring" than in ancient times, when, for example, a crop loss could lead to starvation, as well as expulsion from a settlement.

For example, the fear of not surviving physically in modern conditions is manifested as a fear of losing a job. The fear of expulsion is most often manifested in the "fear of losing face".

It is important to understand that these fears rise in us through our "red" subpersonalities. It'll be mistake try to suppress these subpersonalities or to ignore them. But you can try to "negotiate" with them. If subpersonality is ignored, it will begin to partisan. This can be manifested in psychosomatic diseases or "accidential" self-trauming. If you know that from time to time you have a fear of being left without a livelihood or afraid to say "no" in response to a request that is painful for you, try the following exercises.

Exercise 1. "Audit of resources" Write a list of your tangible and intangible assets. For example: "I have an apartment. If I do not have money, I can rent one room" or "I have a wedding dress that I can rent".

Intangible assets are your skills. Write out everything that you could do to earn for living. Even the simplest skills. For example: "I can print, I can sew, I can cook, I can drive a car, I can walk with someone else's dog". You will be surprised at how much you actually have and how much you can!

It should be remembered that "red" subpersonalities require a minimum level sufficient for survival. After completing these exercises, you will show your "red" subpersonalities that in any case you can provide this minimum level of survival.

Exercise 2. "Survival" Select the minimum amount of money you need to survive for a week at the lowest level. Try to live on it for a week. With the help of this exercise you will show to your "red" subpersonalities that in the event of a crisis you will be able to survive on a minimum amount of money, since such experience you already have.

If you already have the experience of survival, appreciate what you feel when you think about it. If you feel that, thanks to this experience, you became stronger, then "the lesson is passed", if the memory causes unpleasant feelings or fear - "the lesson is not passed" and you need to try once more.

Exercise 3. "Loss of the face" Do something outrageous for you. For example, go to the subway with red clown nose; walk with an iron on a leash instead of a dog. Choose a "degree of non-standard behavior" according to your feelings, we do not set a goal to die of fear! It is important: to be alone; do not choose to perform the exercise in places where this can damage your reputation; do not break the law.


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