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What Is The Salt of the Covenant? Leviticus 2:13

Updated on January 26, 2016

What Is A Covenant?

"Do not leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings; add salt to all your offerings." - Leviticus 2:13

This is the verse we are studying today. So what better place to start than to first understand what a covenant is.

In short, a covenant was an agreement made between God and the Israelites. It was a way of saying "Yes Lord, we agree with You and trust You in all things. So, because we trust You, we will do what is required of us."

Everything the Israelites did, related to the covenants they had made with God according to the laws He had set down before them through Moses. The Israelites honored the majority of these covenants by giving offerings of different kinds, which were chosen based on the purpose of the offering.

"Grain has to do with God's blessing. If God did not send rain, there is no grain. It is one of the offerings God calls a "memorial" offering. Therefore, it has to do with remembering something that God has already done. Further, incense was added which brings out a pleasing aroma. This adds that God is not only good to us and faithful, but His faithfulness is abundantly pleasing to us." - Kelly McDonald

3 Common Purposes Of Salt

Almost everyone knows and understands the purpose of salt being used in recipes.
It's a common household staple that is used for three very basic purposes.

1) To Season: To render palatable, or to give a higher relish to, by addition or mixture of another substance more pungent or pleasant.

2)To Preserve: To save from decay or, from spoiling and going bad.

3) To Cure: To dry; to prepare for preservation. Such as they would do with meats.

So it's no wonder that salt can be found in just about every household no matter where you go! However, God was also using salt as a means to help us understand something on a much deeper level. God has never been one to simply spell it out for us and give us the answers right off. He wants us to seek and find on our own time, at our own pace. Then when the time is right, that is when we discover what God is really trying to say.

What Was God Trying To Tell Us?

God is an amazing omniscient creator who is always eager to reveal to us the answers we desperately seek. He enjoys the late night conversations and the expressed excitement as we learn something new. In many ways, God is no different from us in that He enjoys watching us discover the endless layers that make up who He is as our Heavenly Father.

When we let God into our lives, we become like clay in his hands. We are made richer in spirit. - Seasoned

Through Christ we are redeemed. The pain and suffering we've endured from past experiences all melt away once we make the choice to give ourselves over to Him. Our faith is made new and through the belief in Christ, our Lord and Savior, we can be healed of all things. - Cured

We are given the promise of eternal life. Living in His kingdom and rescued from death just as Jesus was, for those of us who believe. - Preserved

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